Monday, February 9, 2009

this weekend.

was rough.

i have been having cramping off and on. saturday i woke up and realized i was spotting. called the doctor and he wanted me on bed rest until monday. then i could go in and get an ultrasound done.

james hung out and was a bum with me.

we called to schedule the ultrasound first thing this morning.

i was so afraid of it being today because not only was the dreaded 8 weeks and 5 days, but it is also the 10th anniversary of my grandma's death.

i've hated 9 feb ever since. i was hoping this one was going to be a good one.

so i put on my good luck outfit, and it pulled through again!

the baby looked great. heart rate was good, we got to hear it and see the little flicker on the screen.

what a beautiful sight. even for james who still doesn't really know what he was looking at!

she asked if i had a cup of coffee this morning because the baby was moving a lot and the heart rate was a lot higher than the last time. no coffee just a lot of butterflies in my stomach!

i'll have pictures soon. james is going to scan them. apparently my take a picture of a picture isn't good enough for him. :)

thank God for a good day.

and i know grandma was up there watching over us and bean.

we all miss you.


momv said...

thank you jesus! just think we have 7 more that never got to know her and 2 more on the way! our circle is growing:) we do need to keep telling her story, she was an inspiration to all of us, in the strength she showed through adversity.

Alyssa said...

so glad that you received good news! you're all in our prayers. much love!

Patty said...

shel and james,
so gald that all is ok with "bean". I think that Grandma was looking down and taking care of your litte one. Will keep you in our prayers.
aunt patty

momv said...

oops and how many more have we added that have joined our family with marriage? 7 i think!

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