Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentine's day.

we had a great valentines day. our first one actually together. james woke me up with breakfast in bed (second time this week!) he also brought in some planted daffodils (my favorite), crocus, and hyacinth bulbs. what a great way to start the morning!

later we went on a bike ride. i didn't know where we were headed, but james headed towards gainesville. we ended up at jimmy johns! after some good food, we stopped at a used bookstore. i picked up a new book, and we headed home.

watched "the story of us." it was good, but it made me mad a lot of the time.

he told me we had dinner plans after 9. i asked what he was wearing, and he joked that he was wearing his jeans and old man cardigan. later he pulled out his suit, so i knew it was some place nice!

i got dressed up and we headed towards dahlonega. ended up at the oar house. a very nice place we went to with ma. had a very fancy dinner, laughed because we started talking about shoes and james said he couldn't tell me what shoes i had on other than black. i showed them to him and he said "oh yea, i like those ones, something about the front of them" he even said used the phrase 'drawn to them' :) finished dessert and headed home.

hung out with maggs and jude for a bit, then watched an episode of "cheers"

james and jude showed off their new trick. it cracks me up every single time.

jude eating his own feather. weirdo.

maggs and jude faced off.

my shoes that james is drawn to.

today we brought erica to the airport. adam left for ranger school for three months. so erica headed up to minnesota with brayden.

and now i'm watching the race! it's been a great weekend!


vande2 said...

I was expecting shoes with toe "cleavage!" Ha! What a freak you married. :) I love the one of Maggs and Jude nose-to-nose.

james and michele said...

ha! i even said that night, "wow. these don't even have any toe cleavage!" :)

the other night jude was pecking at maggs' nose, and he didn't even do anything. i was waiting for an attack! all jude has to do is flap his wings and maggs gets all freaked out. baby.

krista/ralf said...

i love this... about you and tam. i read your stuff and then went looking for the picture.. also expecting shoes with toe "cleavage!" i love it. i even looked closely at the shoes to see if maybe a bit peeks out if you are standing or walking. i'm a nerd. :)

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