Thursday, December 20, 2012

fawn update.

i'll be 34 weeks tomorrow! and things are starting to get real.

delia came at 34 weeks 5 days, and even though that doesn't mean fawn will be early it's still settling in. we're going to have a new baby! at home!

people keep asking if we want a boy or a girl, and it's something i wrestled with for awhile. obviously, we just want a baby here with us, but it's hard not to consider what it would be like either way.

i hesitate on wanting a girl because i'm afraid it will just be bitter reminder of what we didn't get to experience with delia. seeing eliza have a sister here, doing sister things. at the same time though, i get excited thinking of another little girl. i love the name we have picked, i want to use it, i want to say it everyday. i want her to grow up with a sister.

most of the pregnancy i have felt like it was a boy though. that thought is exciting and scary. i grew up around boys, but i'm not a mama to one! it will definitely be an adjustment, and he'll suffer at home in some pink onesies i'm sure. :)

i had a check up last week. on the drive there eliza was pretending to talk on a phone. for some reason she loses all volume control when she plays this game, it's quite funny though. her conversation was as follows...

"hi _______! (insert everyone on her mind) how are you?! just going to the doctor. mama's getting a new baby! ok! talk to you later! bye!"

i love that innocence. just going to pick up a new baby! :)

at that appointment they requested another ultrasound because i haven't gained any weight. my belly was measuring fine, but they wanted to check on fawn.

so a few days later we went in for another peek. i mentioned to the lady that i had still been getting sick on occasion, and she figured i had gallstones. sure enough, i do! that explains the dull pain on my right side each pregnancy. annoying that it took two seconds for her to tell me that, and the docs just blamed heartburn this whole time!

after seeing this pic my mind said "oh! that's a boy!" but then i reminded myself that a lot of people swore my niece was a boy based on her ultrasound pic, and she is definitely not one!

this week i had a night of some pretty serious contractions. they were very close together, and felt just like the ones i had with delia before we left for the hospital. they tapered off, but not before i busted out a few onesies because "oh my goodness...we're going to have a baby and i have to make a onesie like i did for eliza!" and since we don't know the sex, i had to make two...just in case. (still need to stitch around for reinforcement.)
the next day my stomach was super sore, but it must have become real to james too, because he pulled all the baby boxes (that we shipped to and from korea) out so i could sit in the garage and pull out what we needed. this little space is filling up with tiny clothes, diapers, hats, toys...
eliza and i have been talking about fawn coming more and more too. i think she's a bit confused at times. still talking about delia, and asking when she is coming here. i wonder what she will think once we bring fawn home. she was in the hospital with us, and saw delia there, but never had to have a baby here. sharing her space, our time.

in one conversation i said "so it won't just be you, me and daddy. we will have a baby like enola does."

she replies with "and wowa is going to live with us?!"

to get her excited i had her help make a onesie. i saw the idea on delia creates and fell in love. i gave her "special" paper, let her sit at my desk, use my pen, and asked her if she could draw a picture of fawn.

i watched closely, and listened as she described what she was drawing "oh! hims needs hair!" "and here...a chin!" and highlighted those parts making it easier for me to make a stencil.

it was the first time i used freezer paper in this way, and it was so easy/fun! i want to turn all of her art into clothes!
she was pretty proud. if the way she acts around other babies is any indication, she is going to be a pretty sweet big sister!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

simple Christmas.

i've wrestled with this post, because i don't want to offend, or make people think i look down on them. i just keep thinking "different strokes..."

it's just every day, as we get closer to Christmas, in my newsfeed there are posts about what people bought their kids and what extravagant gift is on their wishlist.

i have no problem with wanting nice things, my issue comes with the flaunting.

so, with that said, why not flaunt how we appreciate and celebrate a simple Christmas...and still have a happy child at the end of the day. :)

i come from a bigger family. for the longest time we all bought each other gifts and exchanged. then nieces and nephews came and filled the room too. it got to be a little much and too hard on some of us financially. we also felt like it took away from the real Reason for Christmas.

so one year we decided to draw names. that way we were giving a more meaningful gift and not taking home a bunch of "junk."

later it evolved to a guys and girls gift exchange. the men started a tradition last year to bring a favorite six pack and do a grab bag.

the girls draw names and pick a handmade theme. this year whatever we make has to fit in a mason jar.

since the littles are growing we have them draw names too. they get excited to shop for one cousin, and it saves us all a lot of money.

for one of our other family Christmases we decided years ago to bring a donation instead of a gift. we've donated to many charities that impacted us that year. when levi was sick we donated to a prune belly syndrome one, when delia came we kept her in mind, and this year, after news of our uncle we are donating to a msa charity.

for the kids we started doing things that would fill memories, not toyboxes. last year we made gingerbread houses and sent off paper lanterns into the sky.

as for our immediate family. well, it's pretty obvious to those that know us that we are "those" parents. i joke about it, but i really don't mind being labeled that way. green, crunchy, old school, simple, crazy, annoying...i'll take the label.

eliza's first Christmas she was 3 months, so she wouldn't know if she got many gifts. after that we were in korea, and knew she'd be overwhelmed with gifts from home (thank you!) and then it just seemed like the right thing to keep up.

last year i saw on pinterest the idea of giving your children something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read.

i thank God for the blessings in our life. as i tried to figure out what she needed i was at a loss. i mean, she needs a bedroom, but that's not practical right now. she needs new underwear, but who wants that under the tree? i finally came up with something, but i sat there thinking "there has to be something, but i really don't know what." when you think about others in need, and look around your house and see blessings, it's hard to find something. (she's getting a big girl hooded towel, simple because fawn will be taking up some of the baby ones!)

those are the gifts from santa. we do fill stockings, and then james and i each pick out a gift for eliza. i like seeing what he picks for her and it's nice to just have one special gift to pick.

i'm happy that when this Christmas rolled around, she was unaware of who santa was. he isn't our focus. it's not on the commercialization, it's on a special Baby, and she surely knows who that is. thanks to her bible book, sunday school, and the songs she's been practicing non stop.

i'm not saying this is the right way, but it definitely is the right way for us. i'm happy to keep her toys simple, spend a little more on quality sustainable toys, and not something she'll forget about before she finishes unwrapping everything. i want her to value what she has, and not expect or demand a bunch.

simple Christmas. simple focus.

His coming, our family, memories.

our b&w.

 eliza "taking a picture" of james cutting down our tree.
 hanging ornaments.
 getting the train set up.
 daddy's job.
 enola, eliza and deandra looking cute at breakfast with santa.
 eliza with rudolph the "almost" reindeer. (that's what she calls him)
 she had to be bribed with candy. and told him she wanted a kitty cat named pepper shaker.
 mr. reese looking handsome in plaid.
 dinner at the table daddy built from an old door that was in the house before the rebuild.
 playing around with my new lens. practicing in low light for fawn pics.
loving on fawn.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

this happened.

as i was trying to get eliza out the door to head to meet a customer before mops maggs was not getting in his box like i told him to a zillion times.

we recently moved it to the utility room.

the utility room my (awesome!) husband cleaned this past weekend.

after realizing how late it was getting and maggs still not listening, this hormonal mama lost it.


as i turned around i see eliza with her hat pulled down over her eyes.

"mama don't yell. i don't like it. it scares me."

instant mama guilt washed over me. i'm sorries were said, but all morning while she was at moppets i was wrestling with this convicting feeling.

so on the drive home i brought it up again. i talked, tried to explain, apologized, asked if she'd forgive me, and she replied...

"i do. i was just teasing mama! teasing like daddy!"

well gee, thanks for the guilt trip!

then we walk in to find that maggs had escaped and the once clean room looked like this...

and i took a deep breath and said "real funny God."

Sunday, December 9, 2012

oh eliza...

you so funny.

here are some random stories i've been saving and meaning to put somewhere. so until i transfer them to her journal, here they'll be! and some are repeats from effbook.


sitting in a parking lot with fast food. i unbuckle her so she can come to the front. hand her food over and she hands it back saying "hold this cause i make a lap! i need to make a lap!" (sit with her legs crossed)


while passing time outside this summer waiting on my brother, krista and i were trying to get her to look at our shadows. you could tell she was looking past them, and just seeing the ground. i tapped my foot in the gravel and said "right there. that's your shadow, see it?" i just so happened to tap a piece of litter and she reached down and picked it up, "oh! my shadow!" then when she was getting in the car later she told krista "here! hold my shadow!"


maggs kiss me. kiss me! you can kiss me on my lips. maggs, give me your best kiss ever!


jake and the neverland pirates spawned this one...

on halloween we saw a tiny rainbow and eliza said "did the pirate princess do that?!"


the song "mountain music" came on the radio and she said "this is a cowboy song mama?" "yep!" "like cowboy dongald?" (donald duck)


yelling from the living room "hey! somebody! i need george!" (curious george)


a favorite thing to say to daddy lately "oh! that's cool, man."


if you ask her what we should name fawn it usually comes out as a series of letters starting with E, like her.

"E-T-I-C!" "E-P-H-I" "E-I-C-K" "E-G-H-L-I"


she was being silly in the car on the way to church and after she'd say or do something funny she'd ask james and i "now would you laugh at me guys?"


she combines very and really...

"i berry like that. i berry i berry do!"


she likes to say "my friend" in front of names...

"oh! it's my friend grannie!" "my friend daddy!"


we walked into a friend's house the other day. they had just had snack time and there was popcorn on the floor in the kitchen. she looked at crista (the mom) and said "would you clean that up?!"


when nana was putting her in her carseat in papa's car she commented on how papa's car was messy.

after that eliza told everyone about papa's mess, and pestered papa to clean.

this morning james was moving the carseat back to our car and eliza said "papa! would you help my friend daddy clean your mess?!"


she keeps talking about a mermaid song. we have no idea what it is, but she asked grannie if she'd like to hear it. the lyrics were as follows...

"mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid..."

sung over and over for about a full minute, until we finally got her to stop. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

just like mama.

that was the name of a library book she picked this last round and it's so fitting for this stage.

 not only has she had me read it over and over and she yells the "just like mama!" part in this perfect three year old sing song voice, but she also has been watching me close.

out of the corner of my eye i catch her mimicking me when she takes care of her dolls, or maggs.

i overhear her telling them the same things i tell her.
she watches how i wash my face and then does the same thing to her own.

the same goes for brushing hair.

i have her lay down on my legs in the bath so i can wash her hair.

when she's in by herself i hear her talking to her mermaid "now lay back...i have to wash your hair. it's okay!"

yesterday morning, first thing...

eliza - "i want clothes!"

me thinking "seriously, i'm not even out of bed yet, and we usually always stay in our jammies!"

she changes a few times then says "no, i want a green you."

shirt and pants had to be as close to my jammies as possible...and she had to tell krista about it on the phone.

just like mama.
i know this moment is fleeting, and as annoying as it can be at times, it is pretty precious!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

from my desk...

last month after getting a new Christmas cartridge and see that it had nativity pieces on it too, i decided that a nativity banner was needed around here.

if i'm going to make one though, why not make 6?

it was A LOT of work. so many layers and little tiny pieces.

 the end result though is awesome. i love it!

since it's was so time consuming, and i have a ton of family tree orders set for Christmas gifts this is a limited edition item.

of course i had to keep one for our house!
so that left 5.

i was going to list them all in my etsy shop, but then a friend said "you should auction one!"
so that left 4 to go in the shop soon.

the other one will be posted to my fb page and if you'd like your chance to win it head over and place your bid.
auction will close at 10pm (est) sunday 2december2012.

i will donate the proceeds from that banner to now i lay me down to sleep.

if you follow my blog, you know how special that organization has been to us.

lisa captured our most precious time with delia in such a beautiful way.

i wanted to find a way to give back.

good luck! and thanks for being such great fans of my little shop!

happy december! don't forget The Reason.

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