Friday, May 29, 2015

abner is (was) eight months.

crazy. crazy. crazy.

abner likes...
army crawling.
exploring food.
sucking his fingers.
standing up. don't you dare try to make him sit.
finding the smallest speck on the floor and going for it.
being determined.
playing outside.
playing with toys.
time with daddy.
smiling at his sisters.
being happy. "does he ever cry?"
complaining about teeth. "yes, yes he does."
the months continue to pass quickly, but are filled with so much fun now that you can really see his personality shine. he plays, he laughs, he lets you know if he doesn't like something. he gets to where he wants to be. we went on our first camping trip as a family of five and to keep him contained we brought a blow up pool. worked great to let him have freedom, but keep him safe! he got his first glimpse of lake michigan, and loved the sand and water. he is very intrigued with beer. makes his daddy proud. continues to be so easy going. and that fedora. oh how i thought they were silly for babies, but when you have a kid that doesn't bother taking it off? it's irresistible. nana has said often that i am so in love with him, and he is so in love with me too. it's true. he stole our hearts. his sisters are still enamored, although he is slightly less cool since he can now eat crayons or grab ninja turtles...and hair! :) just getting a head start on the sister torment.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

conversations with eliza.

eliza - "i just want to wear this shirt, but i don't like the white sox."

me - "excuse me?"

eliza - "i don't like the white sox."

me - "that's not ok."

eliza - "what...i just like the bears and colts!"

me - "well, that is football. you can still like the white sox."

eliza - "i just don't like them."

nana - "what are you? a cubs fan?!"

eliza - "oooh! that sounds pretty! i like the cubs!"

me - "just go. get out of my house!"

eliza - "why?"

me - "you can't like them. they are a horrible team!"

eliza (growing concerned) - "why? what do they do?"

me - "THEY LOSE!"

it took a phone call to uncle luke, but we got her straightened out. "well, i like them...i just don't love them!"

james told her just to say she doesn't like baseball. we can accept that. not liking the sox? that requires an intervention.

also, she requested that abner wear his baseball shirt today. so fitting for our home baby!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

abner is (was) seven months.

and i took the picture, then we left for a week. so here it, finally, is...

abner likes...
his sisters.
trying to crawl.
being awesome.
stealing hearts.
his woobie.
standing...all. the. time. (with assistance)
sucking his thumb.
getting his head scratched.

seriously...this kid is awesome. he had a few more ear infections, that gave us a bit of a run, but overall he is one happy kid. i have said he's the best of both worlds. eliza hated snuggles, hattie couldn't get enough, he is cool one way or another. "oh! we get to snuggle? that's cool." "oh. you can't hold me right now...i'm fine with that too." mellow. we started exploring with food. not eating a whole lot yet, but enjoying some here and there. he grew his first two teeth. i was not ready for that goofy gummy grin to disappear! we lowered his crib this month, and removed the bumper. that made for some silly sleeps. it also gives the girls a chance to peek at him when they wake up in the morning. he puts up with being on the inside of the bars pretty well while they bounce around making faces. it is still all about abner around here. guess that is standard for the baby of the family. we are all just enamored with this boy of ours!

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