Monday, December 9, 2013

this just happened.

backstory first.

eliza had a pair of elephant jammies when she was a toddler. they looked like this...

(doesn't everyone have breakfast with baby Jesus?!)

i had completely forgotten about them because they were in a suitcase of clothes she outgrew from when we visited the states while living in korea.

fast forward 3 years and she got another pair of elephant jammies. slightly different. then along came hattie and the desire to match her sister. she was outgrowing the pair she owned, but one day at 'once upon a child' we found a brand new pair in hattie's size. so eliza has been squeezing into her 3t just so she can match.
a few weeks ago i found the original pair. now hattie has two elephant jammies, slightly different. eliza has one.

here lately she has been asking every night "which jammies does hattie have?"

(they really only have one exact set, but she usually will be satisfied with similar monkeys, polka dots, whatever.)

last night they both wore the matching elephants.

eliza never changed out of hers. so when i got hattie dressed i grabbed the other elephant pair (the ones from the night before were in the hamper in eliza's room) thinking i could just trick eliza.

well, then she insisted she change jammies for the night. she tossed hers in the hamper too.

then came the question "which jammies does hattie have?"

knowing she was going to be mad i cringed when i said "elephants."

"i need to wear my elephants! i will wear them again!"

after an argument "you just took them off, find a new pair!" and a "fine, but i'm not going to help you" (great mom!) she went to the hamper and pulled them out.

meanwhile she is also throwing a fit (love 4 year olds!) because hattie is currently infatuated with opening and closing doors, and is opening and closing the door to eliza's room. i am in the playroom, eliza and hattie are in eliza's room. so it was extra frustrating because every time hattie did it, eliza couldn't see me. i was just laughing (again great mom!)

i am continuing to remind eliza that she needs to get her jammies on and she keeps getting distracted by hattie.

then hattie closed the door all the way and eliza lost it.

this is what i heard on the other side of the door...

"i'm stuck! i can't stand up! i can't get up! my jammies! mama! i can't! help! i can't get up! the door is closed! my leg!"

after laughing a bit, i stood up to see what was the matter. i tried to help her get her foot in, and then i looked at her arms. the sleeves were up to her elbows.

yep, that's what happens when a 4 year olds tries to squeeze into a 12month blanket sleeper!

sidenote - why did she not pick the pair that was on top?

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