Monday, June 28, 2010

evolution of dance.

she went from the wiggle.

to rockin' out.

to what i like to call her "white girl dance."

i love her.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

old man.

happy 26th birthday my james lee.

yummy pic taken by cori.
welcome to this side of 25!

eliza and i more than love you!


new header.

decided it was time to get a new header.

the old one was pictures that adrienne took when james was home on leave in 2007. before we were even engaged!

this pic is thanks to cori. i played with it a bit and added our title. i never tire of saying that!

Monday, June 21, 2010


for those who haven't heard, we arrived in korea last week. we'll be calling this home for the next two years!

spent two weeks home on leave before we left. visited with lots of family and friends.

we had an awesome farewell party hosted by my parents. so many people came out and reminded us how blessed we are!

many moments, and many goodbyes later we were ready to go.

(yes, we left magglio. i joked that he has the best deal. he's out of the army, gets to be spoiled and be with one of his buddies, macy)

it was a looooong 30-some hours of travel. eliza did well on the first two flights. halfway through the third (the longest at 14 hours) she was done! it was rough, but we survived! our bags didn't make it at the same time we did, but we did get them!

we've been staying in a hotel since we got here. we are more than ready to move out. at least 3 times a day we have to shut off all the lights, pull the curtains closed, and lay still on the bed while eliza falls asleep. looking forward to getting settled and getting back to our normal routine.

so far since we've been here...

  • we have eaten mcdonald's, pizza, taco bell, subway, popeye's, burger king and many other non-korean meals. cannot wait to get back into the kitchen. james requested a home cooked meal for his birthday.
  • eliza was serenaded by a 4 year old korean boy. he sang "all the single ladies"
  • about every single person, man or woman has clapped their hands, waved, or smacked their tongues to get eliza's attention.
  • we had dinner with a couple we met. they have a little boy and a baby on the way.
  • we went to church, and missed the whole singing portion because we thought it started at 10:30, it was 10:00.
  • we celebrated james' first father's day!
  • we explored, just a little bit. hoping to do more soon.
  • jude has been boarded because he wasn't allowed in the hotel. i hope he's okay!
  • we've skyped. a lot. funny, we never talked this much when we were in georgia. guess the thousands of miles, instead of hundreds will do that.
  • we slept a ton. especially the first few days.
  • eliza got so bored she figured out how to climb into her stroller. maybe she was telling us she wanted to go somewhere?
we move into our new home tomorrow. i'll post some pics when we get there. it is ridiculously nice!

here is a glimpse from our time here so far.

happy day! well, night here.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

happy da-da's day!

and happy first one to our favorite daddy!

we love you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

in and out.

39 weeks.

in. (born 3 days later)

39 weeks 3 days.


after today eliza will have officially spent more time as an outsider.


Saturday, June 12, 2010


things she likes...
sleeping with her butt up in the air.
pink bunny.
feeding herself snacks.
pulling up to everything.
army crawling and sometimes regular crawling.
saying da-da and ma-ma. plus a variety of noises.
shaking her head yes.
things with wheels.
little kids.

eliza is such an active baby. she is always moving. keeps us busy! there were a few days i thought we were playing hide and seek because i never knew where she'd be when i turned around. we had to leave her first home this month. so hard to walk out of the nursery. we traveled back up to indiana. (her 14th 10 hour road trip) visited with a lot of family and friends, had a huge going away party, swam in the baby pool, went to the park, visited triple x, started a barrette collection and got loved on. this week she went on flight number 2,3 and 4. we ended up in korea, and will be calling this home for the next two years. what a ride! it was a long trip over and we are so happy to have a place to rest. looking forward to new adventures!

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