Sunday, July 28, 2013

so...does hattie like the swing?

Monday, July 22, 2013

six months of hattie!

somehow, it's been half of a year.

things she likes...
sleeping on her belly.
sucking on her hands and toes.
water. bath, pool or lake.
trying to sit up.
watching eliza.
standing. her or you!
playing on her belly.
rolling, but once she's on her belly she's happy, she doesn't keep going!
playing hattie cake.
blowing raspberries. non stop.
eliza's hair!

before i forget, i mean to go back and edit last months. so i'd remember. she was done with the paci (two months later than we hoped!) and she finished swaddling. she was a junkie. i tried to break her of it, but gave up. then a week later she was done! she still loves to snuggle the blankets though, and suck on them!

i feel like this month flew by. i can't even really remember much of what we did. enjoyed the summer days. celebrated 4th of july. visited family. watched her roll. wiped our faces of her raspberries. she is my alarm clock. raspberries in the face! we also moved out the bassinet, and she is sleeping in the pack 'n play. she needed more room, and now she's a belly sleeper. sleeping great and going to bed about the same time as eliza! she's getting more vocal. (especially in church!) she's usually trying to get eliza's attention. we made it to my first goal of nursing. she does not seem interested in food at all. might try and explore that this month though. she definitely has a temper, and let's you know when she is not happy. still a mama's girl. on one of our car rides after a family party she was screaming mad. we had stopped so i could nurse her, but she started crying back on the road. james and i both were trying to calm her down from the front seats. finally she just stopped. so abrupt. james said "what did you do? choke her?" and i replied, "no, just held her hand." ha! i told him we have fallen asleep like that from time to time. she just likes knowing i'm there i guess!

excited for another month of hattie! this is the beginning of my favorite age. it lasts until she can talk in complete sentences. :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

looking for woodstock.

found this a frame plan on pinterest and since james is currently working at menards he picked up some cheap materials and whipped it up. i still need to make a cover for it, but for now eliza's great-great-great grandma's quilt works.

it was pretty hot today, so when i moved it in the yard we opted for something a bit more breathable. a sheet from my parent's wedding. the peas! it never fit their waterbed, so it's in perfect condition!

the great thing about this next picture is that i didn't tell eliza to hold hattie's hand. she was faking a grumper face too. she acts like hattie is a pain, but i always catch her loving on her!

after that she noticed little gnats flying around hattie and she was shooing them and saying "stay away from my sister!" then she covered hattie up and tucked her blanket all around her, commenting on how she'd be safe now. kind of a big deal because eliza hates bugs!

also made some more clover crowns. eliza likes hanging them on her clubhouse. i love our little hippie chicks.

this was from the other day, but it fit here.

and hattie dancing in the tent.

have i mentioned how much i love our yard? the shade trees are the best!

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