Monday, July 30, 2012

second trimester.

hit that mark today.

feeling much better than i have been.

not as much puking, but heartburn is steady.

we've had 3 ultrasounds already, and so far it all looks good!

praying it continues.

scared of the next few weeks, and that big ultrasound.

fawn is 3 inches long.

keep growing!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

this girl of mine.

gives me glimpses into what she will look like all grown up.

loves my dog...a bit too much!

asks for her sister's blankets, and plays with delia's toys a lot lately.

has to keep busy taking care of her babies and setting them up just so.

is crazy about birthdays.

loves to color. like, a lot.

impresses me often with her skills.

started to draw people today! (i told her to write aunt whitney on the card she picked out)

makes me laugh by the library books, and random cards she finds. (this was her choice for whit's birthday, i vetoed it)

loves her kitties.

is growing too fast.

plays dress up often.

is crazy about "rinas" (ballerinas) and princesses.

has my heart. no matter what.

Monday, July 16, 2012


had my first appointment today. waited a bit longer to make sure i could see the same doctor that delivered delia.

was reassured in our decision to switch tricare plans just so we could keep seeing her.

walked in at 9:00am, waited for james to get there, by 9:02am eliza and i were in an ultrasound room.

wasn't expecting to get another (we've had two already, just for peace of mind, requested by my dr) but the lady said "i had a cancellation, and it might be a little hard to catch the heartbeat on the doppler. dr. reed didn't want you to freak if she couldn't find it."

i love them.

so we had a nice peaceful, happy appointment.

fawn is measuring right on at 11 weeks 3 days.

eliza kept saying "oh delia! it's my delia!"

i had to remind her it was fawn.

then she stole the pictures and says they are hers.

cutest thing ever!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

mama! get my tommy!

that's what she woke up yelling from bed today.

the first couple days she didn't care at all.

yesterday she asked me about him and i reminded her he was with nana.

then she asked james about him when he came home.

this morning that was the first thing out of her mouth!

james was ready with a story and said "i heard a knock on the door last night."

and i hopped tommy out of my bag and over to her bed.

later this morning she brought him up to james and said "daddy, look! my tommy!"

james started again about how he had already seen him. "i know! i saw him last night! i answered the door and he was just standing there!"

she interrupted and said "with nana?!"

i think aunt nancy might be right when she commented

"i  say...
she has grasped the concept of insurance....

that she WILL see Nana again!"

good to have you back creeper!

Monday, July 9, 2012

what just happened?

whit drove the girls and me up to nana and papa's for the night.

we had plans to take the older ones to the drive in close by to see brave.

it was a fun night!

this morning the girls played in the yard while whit got some schoolwork done.

just hanging with nana and papa.

then it was time to leave and eliza gave nana tommy. (her brown bunny aka tommins)

she said "you keep tommy."

ma, whit and i just looked at each other then back to eliza.

me - "you want nana to keep tommy?"

eliza - "tommy stay here!"

ma - "are you sure about that? you want me to keep him? you might miss him later."

eliza - "no. he stay here."

me - "oooookay?! bye tommy!"

whit - "bye tommy!"

eliza - :waves: "BYE TOMMY!"

side eyes from whit, ma and me.

what just happened?

ma tossed him to me on the way out and stuffed him in the bag for later.

she told james that tommy stayed with nana.

at bedtime i was wondering if she was going to ask for him like she usually does.

she didn't so i said "hey eliza, where is tommy?"

"tommy at nana's."

no, seriously...what just happened?

in other news, bankie and dandra (her bitty baby) are still held tightly.

and she found a pink bunny (her standard as a baby) and said "look! it's my LEEEEETLE bunny!"

seriously kid, stop. growing.

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