Wednesday, July 25, 2012

this girl of mine.

gives me glimpses into what she will look like all grown up.

loves my dog...a bit too much!

asks for her sister's blankets, and plays with delia's toys a lot lately.

has to keep busy taking care of her babies and setting them up just so.

is crazy about birthdays.

loves to color. like, a lot.

impresses me often with her skills.

started to draw people today! (i told her to write aunt whitney on the card she picked out)

makes me laugh by the library books, and random cards she finds. (this was her choice for whit's birthday, i vetoed it)

loves her kitties.

is growing too fast.

plays dress up often.

is crazy about "rinas" (ballerinas) and princesses.

has my heart. no matter what.


Big Papa said...

Love your last line and how God makes that happen, no matter what.

kwRN said...

you. andever.

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