Monday, July 16, 2012


had my first appointment today. waited a bit longer to make sure i could see the same doctor that delivered delia.

was reassured in our decision to switch tricare plans just so we could keep seeing her.

walked in at 9:00am, waited for james to get there, by 9:02am eliza and i were in an ultrasound room.

wasn't expecting to get another (we've had two already, just for peace of mind, requested by my dr) but the lady said "i had a cancellation, and it might be a little hard to catch the heartbeat on the doppler. dr. reed didn't want you to freak if she couldn't find it."

i love them.

so we had a nice peaceful, happy appointment.

fawn is measuring right on at 11 weeks 3 days.

eliza kept saying "oh delia! it's my delia!"

i had to remind her it was fawn.

then she stole the pictures and says they are hers.

cutest thing ever!


momv said...

brought tears to my eyes when i saw the ultrasound pic, happy tears:)

jackie said...

Yay!! Seriously, Eliza looks just like James in this photo. :)

Melaina25 said...

So glad everything is going well and it was a happy appointment :)

Dyan Hall said...

I always send prayers for you guys! Happy and Healthy 9 months....grow baby grow! Love always!

ashley said...

so wonderful! and hooray for kind doctors, they make such a difference.

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