Monday, June 24, 2013

five months of hattie!

and it's getting better and better!

things she likes...
aden and anais blankets. she has to chew on them.
sucking her pointer and middle finger.
standing up.
rolling from side to side, sometimes all the way over.
her feet!
nursing...more than a bottle. whoo!
smiling with her whole face, and flapping her arms.

i kept backing up to add more stuff. such a nice change from the grumpy start she had. :) i had to have my gallbladder removed this month, so she got bottles for a few days. it was rough at times, since i couldn't carry her or nurse at first, but she handled it well. i was afraid she'd not want to nurse after that, or my supply would tank, but it seemed to make her want to nurse more! and i pumped like crazy to keep it up. thankful for that! she's been awesome at going to bed around the same time as eliza. naps are still pretty short, but she takes most of them in the bassinet. she still loves to snuggle, so she spends about half the night with me/us. she loves to watch eliza, and always has smiles. blankets are her most favorite thing. she likes toys, but she'd just be happy to chew on a blanket and talk. oh man, does she talk! funny though, she mostly loud at home, when we are somewhere else people comment on how quiet she is. eliza was the same way! (well, used to be!) james said he doesn't remember eliza being as smiley and noisy as hattie, but she was such a happy baby. thanking God for these sweet blessings!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


took some time today to enjoy the weather and just swing with my girls. one of my favorite places in the yard.
 eliza wanted to take a pic of hattie and me.
my turn to capture one of my favorite girls.
i tell her how pretty she is. she smiles and says "thanks mama." i hope she always take compliments well.
those eyelashes.
she might look like daddy, but she is mine.
 this one was a little tired of being smooshed by big sister.
 room to stretch!
 love how hattie is holding my chin. random.
annoying them both...they will thank me later.

this was a much nicer ride than the first time hattie was in it with me. first swing after james rehung it and the cord slipped. hattie and i got folded up like a taco. completely stuck while nana, papa and daddy got a good laugh!

making memories.

Monday, June 10, 2013

oh korea.

how i still find myself missing you on certain days.

my mom shared this photo from the return to zero fb page the other day...

and i was brought back, not to the days surrounding her birth, but to the early ones, following that ultrasound.

the friends that were there then. the friends that a year prior i hadn't even met.

those ones that answered that first phone call.

who prayed for us, for her, for our choice.

the ones that cried with me.

the ones that really listened.

the ones that kept us busy, but knew when we needed time alone.

those there for james.

ones that were a distraction for eliza. who could smile with her and just let her be a kid.

the two doulas that came and sat with us, strangers, in our apartment and answered many questions. that educated us, that stood by us, that stood up for us, that came to our appointments. made the time, even though they had children of their own.

the ones that sent flowers, offered gifts of remembrance, showered delia with love at her party.

that knew even though grief was present, we still wanted to celebrate her life.

the ones that understood, even though they couldn't understand.

who stood up for our decision when others questioned it.

the few i could lean on when my whole world crashed, and those closest to us were across oceans.

they were there when our family was sleeping, still unaware of how life would change.

those days, as tough as they are to remember, will always be important to me. i saw God's love in their faces, their hugs, their eyes.

korea was the place that she lived, it will always feel like home.

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