Wednesday, October 8, 2014

his name.

so here is the story of abner's's a little more silly than the girls'. (all their stories are here.)

some of you know, james always had a name picked out for a boy. i liked it, but then it became too popular. i really liked the nickname, but it sounded silly with lee for a middle name.

while pregnant, we could not come up with a girl name that we both really loved. i absolutely wanted a vada, but he hated it more than hazel. (which didn't mean hazel could be tossed in as an option.) there was one name we both liked, but it just didn't feel like the one.

as for boy names. i loved abner, and couldn't imagine anything else, but i did try to find one that james enthusiastically (if that's possible for him) agreed on.

we knew that the middle name would be lee, no matter what, boy or girl.

i didn't really want to stick with the j middle name theme for girls, june, jean and jo. (that was never really on purpose) but i didn't want this one to feel left out, if she was a girl. being that this is likely our last child, we had to use lee.

his dad, my ma, he and i all have lee as a middle name. it would definitely be special!

as for abner...well, i first heard it, and liked it at his grandpa's house. is it his grandpa's name? nope, but it was his cat's. yes. seriously. i found my son's name from a cat, and not a very nice cat either!

james had said before that he liked the name clyde (his grandpa's name) but grandpa didn't like it. so that was one of my weak arguments "well, he must like abner if he named his cat that!" ;)

and then i read more about the name. it's meaning, and that it is biblical. not only biblical, but also famous in baseball history. (two very important things!) and i fell in love with it more.

tonight i stumbled across a baby name list on pinterest. i like looking at those to see if any of our names fall on them. it's rare, but sure enough, on this list, there was abner. it said...

Abner: not as common as Abel, but still charming and cool. The meaning of Abner is father of light and derives from the commander of Saul’s army. Abner actually appears twice in the New Testament. If you are a fan of baseball, then Abner might be just what you have been looking for. Abner Doubleday is the man who has mistakenly invented baseball and even if this is a myth busted, you can still use it as a cool stroy with your friends and co-workers. In more recent history, Abner Mares is a professional boxer from Mexico.

so there it is, the sort of silly, way abner got his name. "like grandpa's cat?"

no fun nicknames yet. mostly i just call him mr. abner. eliza mostly says baby abner, but it's the high pitch that she uses that is really sweet. hattie just says baby, or bobby, or pokes him on the nose.

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