Wednesday, April 29, 2009

singing bon jovi.

we're half way there!

20 weeks today. i can't believe it!

a few more pictures for you.

telling nana and papa.

girlie parts. or at least no boy parts.

more to come. once i catch up from this weekend.

Monday, April 27, 2009

spilling the beans.

(pardon the pun)

we (okay, fine, mostly i) wanted to do something different and fun for our parents to tell them the sex of bean. since they are all so far away, this could be tricky. i wanted something more than just a phone call.

i've seen ideas where people have pink or blue icing filled cakes. that's cute, but not practical for us.

most everyone has gotten accustomed to referring to it as "bean" so i had the most random thought one day. (this was actually what kicked my butt into gear to clean and organize my craft room)

i'd send them a can of beans, (totally not cute) but i'd make them cute! cover the label and have a surprise for them. if it was a girl they'd find kidney beans (redish pink) and if it was a boy it would be a can of navy beans (navy = blue)

unfortunately they'd have to wait. i was heading out of town for the weekend and james and i wanted to reveal this together. plus i had to give time to the usps to deliver the packages.

they all should have received them by the time i got back. tammy said there was no way they could wait and not peek. so i should peel the label off.

i was hoping they wouldn't have to actually open the can (because beans are the prettiest sight) but i figured she was on to something!

so i peeled it off, wrote a note, made the labels and stuck them to the can. covered up any other stamps with a label on the bottom of the can signed from bean, and shipped them north.

we wanted to set up the webcams and have them open the cans live. this way we could see their reaction. it was pretty fun!

james' mom doesn't have a webcam, and she works nights, so it was going to be hard to get her, jeff, james and i around at the same time. i called james today and actually got ahold of him. he did a three way call and we got to listen as kathy and jeff opened their can. james was on top of a mountain at the time. her shriek was hilarious!

next i got a voicemail from my dad saying he was hungry and wondering if he could eat these beans they got in the mail! and an email from cheryl letting me know the package came, and she was waiting on brian.

then they had to wait until james came home from work so we could get on skype and watch.

so what did they see?

good ol' kidney beans. :)

as far as the lady could tell our little bean is a girl!

we have another ultrasound in a week or so, and she said they'd check again then. so right now james still has hope that his son is just teasing us and tucking it back.

it's not that he doesn't want a girl, he just knows she won't like him

i had a girl feeling all along, so i'm not thinking it's going to change. sorry babe!

it's so exciting, and fun to refer to bean as "she" or "her" or especially by her name!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bean just wanted to say hi!

(more at the bottom of this page.)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

big day for bean.

tomorrow we have our "big" ultrasound. we decided to peek and see what we're having, as long as bean cooperates. there is a good chance he/she will be stubborn. don't ask me why! :)

i have something planned for our parents to tell them, so we won't be sharing until early next week. (i have to mail it to them and wait for them to call back. i'm going out of town this weekend though, so it will have to wait until i get back!)

i haven't been feeling well the last week or so. not bean's fault, but it sure isn't making it any easier. mostly because i am very limited on what medicine i can take. i don't ever remember sneezing as much as i have the last few days.

today started off rough, overall crappy feeling, puking, garbage can knocked over and all the garbage thrown all over the driveway, rain. i just lost it on the way to work.

thankfully dad is dad. he was there. i couldn't help but think of an e-mail he sent in college titled
"rainy days and tuesdays"

hopefully i won't have another one of those for a long time!

looking forward to this weekend. quick trip to texas for a friend's wedding. a BIG thank you to james for using his tax return to get me a ticket! looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new, the wedding, taco cabana, and breakfast tacos.

we'll update you when we can about bean!

any votes?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

my craft room.

after all these months of living here i finally got my craft room to be how i want it. for the most part anyway.

amazing what a morning alone will do. i had an idea for a project, and i've been putting off so many others, but somewhere i found inspiration to get down there and clean!

i read a blog not to long ago about how hard it will be to do things like this once a baby comes. the writer/future mom was afraid all her projects would never get done. maybe that was my inspiration. either way, i got my butt in gear and here are the results.

the first picture is from a few months ago. i hadn't been down there much at all the last couple months because it's in the basement and so cold down there! (our furnace is in the attic, so there is no way to get heat, unless we used a space heater.) add even more junk, and a layer of drywall dust from the new laundry room installation over everything, and that's pretty much where i started today.

that door in the second picture goes to the garage. so james and i can be "crafty" together! :)

my yellow locker is back! it held clothes last year. this is much more fun!

that door goes to the outside. i love that i can get some fresh air if i want.

random junk i can't part with in the first picture. still looking for a place to store that.

i had fun organizing the locker! it's perfect!

i had been hanging on to these "anne taintor" calendars since 2005. ma gets me one every Christmas. i finally found a purpose. i have one more row to go, but i ran out of tape.

i think i'll be much more inspired in this space!

happy day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

i popped.

i wasn't going to post this, but i just can't get over it.

i kept hearing girls on thebump talk about how one day you'll just wake up and your belly has popped. i didn't believe it until yesterday.

i wasn't able to post my weekly picture as early as normal (had to get to work) as i was getting dressed i noticed my t-shirt was a little shorter in the front. "that's weird." i thought. i was in a rush so i didn't fully check it out.

well i got home that afternoon, and after a pizza hot pocket and cherry coke i took a picture and this was the result.

compare that to last week.

yea, a bit more round this week.

so later i was laying on the couch and (don't ask why) i stuck my finger in my belly button.

pardon the interruption. james apparently wanted to contribute to the blog for the first time...
waqwqwqwqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq (q

thanks babe!

so back to me with my finger in my belly button. i noticed it felt a little more shallow than normal. (i have a thing with/for belly buttons)

i decided to go fully inspect myself in the mirror.

this is what i saw.

warning meg. it's a bare belly! :)

at about this time i freaked out. emailed our mom's, and realized just what is about to come.

that is...until james came home. i explained it all to him, pulled my shirt up, and get the reply "it doesn't look any different."

thanks babe! of course i took the girl thought to that as "so you're saying i've always been this huge?"

of course it didn't help that i had just eaten two cupcakes with my required zillionth glass of ice water.

write this down on the list of things not to say to a pregnant lady!

oh, and i'm scared of what's to come, but i heard bean just went through a growth spurt, and it settles down the next few weeks.

we'll see!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lots of pictures.

i've been keeping busy with work, class, company, and home life so not much time for posting.

here are the pictures from easter weekend though.

luke and tammy plus kids came down to visit. we had a lot of fun and peep sized hail on good friday!

we colored eggs, and the next day they searched for ones the easter bunny left.

they also had to find their baskets. it was a lot of fun to watch!

then we got ready and headed to church. we had a full house on sunday. normally we average around 130-140. this sunday we had 226! had to set up folding chairs to fit everyone. we were back in the cheap seats. kicked out of our regular front row due to two baptisms. it was great to see everyone there! levi had the cutest argyle socks to match his vest. the girls of course were dressed to match, along with their bitty babies. all thanks to nana! i love easter outfits! tammy and i went shopping the day before so i could look for something for james and i. is it silly that i got real excited to pick something out for him?

after church, and after naps, we went up to camp to show them around. the kids played on the course, and we took a hike to find a waterfall. i also told luke that dav climbed the rope, so of course he had to try! he said he probably hadn't since middle school wrestling. after that we grilled out for dinner. it was a great day!

i had my last session of photography class last night. if you want to check out my homework pictures go here.

last night, as i was messing online and laying on my stomach, i'm pretty certain i felt bean moving. it was pretty cool! we go in for our big ultrasound next wednesday. 18 weeks today!

hope you all had a great easter too!

Monday, April 13, 2009

let's count.

until i sort through the pictures and make a real post.

  • 4.5 days with 3 cuties and 2 awesome parents.
  • 24 spring time funfetti cupcakes made.
  • 1 beautiful heartbeat heard again on friday.
  • almost 18 weeks pregnant.
  • 9 days until our big ultrasound.
  • 11 days until i fly to texas.
  • 226 people at our easter service.
  • 3 peep sized pieces of hail in our freezer.
  • 4 hours worked as temporary church secretary today, and tomorrow, and the next day...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

one year. after a long 15 months.

i really can't believe james has already been home a year.

why did this year fly by, yet the 15 months he was gone have to drag on and on? that's a silly question, that i already know the answer to.

it's exciting to me that we are finally, after close to 9 years of long distance and being apart, going to get to do things for the 2nd time around! it's about time.

i'll never forget the lonely feeling a deployment slaps you with.

then also this sweet, sweet, feeling of being reunited.

i'd have to say this may have been the greatest moment of my life. even with the wedding, there is nothing like this moment.

it was a happy day!
(i still love that first picture of the kids, and their "tomato on stilts" like drawing.)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

this week is special.

i can't stop thinking about one year ago and exactly how i felt at that moment...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

now i can say it...

james comes home tomorrow!

picking him up at the airport tomorrow night. i have thursday and friday off work, and i could not be more excited.

it will be just shy of a year since i saw him last. cannot believe it is finally over. we survived!

thank you to those who were there to support us, with hugs, encouraging words, letters, shoulders to cry on, ears to listen, would you rathers to fill out, packages of care, all that good stuff. it would have been so much harder without your help. we are blessed!

so close.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


months ago.

one of my favorite parts was incorporating a few beatles songs into our day. i was so excited when the napkins arrived.

we also used a few different songs for the big parts.

  • "here comes the sun" was played when the bridal party was announced at the reception. it fit our late summer sunny day perfectly.
  • of course my dad and i danced to "michelle" i cannot begin to count how many times he has sung that to me over the years.
  • james and his mom danced to "in my life" it was all so perfect!
  • then nancy used "love me do" as one of the songs in our video. loved it!
i love that dad exposed us to the beatles for so much of our life. it made me real excited for this week to come in my pregnancy. bean can hear us now! so of course i have pandora open and have my beatles station on. my head was spinning from thinking of all the music i wanted bean to experience!

this is going to be fun!

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