Thursday, April 2, 2009


months ago.

one of my favorite parts was incorporating a few beatles songs into our day. i was so excited when the napkins arrived.

we also used a few different songs for the big parts.

  • "here comes the sun" was played when the bridal party was announced at the reception. it fit our late summer sunny day perfectly.
  • of course my dad and i danced to "michelle" i cannot begin to count how many times he has sung that to me over the years.
  • james and his mom danced to "in my life" it was all so perfect!
  • then nancy used "love me do" as one of the songs in our video. loved it!
i love that dad exposed us to the beatles for so much of our life. it made me real excited for this week to come in my pregnancy. bean can hear us now! so of course i have pandora open and have my beatles station on. my head was spinning from thinking of all the music i wanted bean to experience!

this is going to be fun!


Jessica said...

We walked back down the aisle to "When I'm Sixty-four". I have always loved that song. Sal's exposure to the Beatles is sadly lacking because he had no idea what it was.

Erin said...

You have to get this:

Luke LOVED it and would always fall asleep to it, plus it's just really pretty.

james and michele said...

whoa erin! out of my head! :) i just saw that the other day and fell in love. must get it! and now it comes with a recommendation. even better! any other good baby/kid music i should check out?

james and michele said...

ah jess, i thought i came back here and posted too. i love that you used that song! sad that sal didn't know it. it's a great one!

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