Wednesday, April 20, 2016

there was a time...

that i really wanted 2 kids under 2.

it's how far my brothers and i were spaced.

everyone i knew had it.

i thought it would be great.

then God had other plans.

eliza and delia technically made 2 under 2, but we would never see their relationship bloom.

after hattie arrived, i came to love and appreciate the space between the two. it was better than i could have imagined.

i wondered why more people didn't go that route.

eliza was old enough to help and appreciate hattie.

hattie looked up to eliza and they loved on each other.

all was well.

then abner happened.

and i freaked.

2 under 2? this will be crazy. people do this? really funny God!

but you know what?

it's also better than i could have imagined.

i call them my mwf buddies.

eliza is in school those days, and i love when it's just the three of us.

hattie gets to be the big sister.

abner soaks up being the little brother, but tries so hard to follow.

they are both awkward. stumbling. needing to be on my lap at the same time. still, at 19 months and 3.

they fight over me.

they fight over toys.

they make each other laugh.

they are a cart full at the store, or the two cuties holding hands.

 if i time it right they nap at the same time.

they were two babies in a diaper change line up.

they can share diapers if hattie runs out of bedtime pull ups.

story time could be combined.

they are so close.

i love watching their relationship grow.

it's amazing...and exhausting. i'm so thankful God had other plans for us!

side note - it is so funny to take them out, looks wise they are on opposite ends of the spectrum. it feels a little weird. i assume people judge they have different dads, or they aren't both mine! eliza is the one that connects the two. we miss her while she's at school, but life is definitely easier when you take one kid out of the mix. ;)

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