Thursday, August 23, 2012

happy 1st heavenly birthday!

we started the day with eliza waking us up and asking for a snack. so i got the idea to make pink pancakes for delia's birthday. pancakes are a birthday specialty around here, so it was only fitting.

i told her what today was, and asked if she could say happy birthday to delia.

she refused at first. had other things to talk about, but then turned away from us and said "happy birthday delia!"

she helped me make pancakes and picked pink for delia.

i brought out the birthday ring, and the birthday table cloth we've used for both of eliza's birthdays.
it was spontaneous, but fitting. something i needed to do.

eliza wanted to blow the candle out all through breakfast.
 she finally got her chance and apparently forgot how to. it took many tries.

daddy left for work and then nana and papa came with balloons. 7, because she is their 7th grandchild.

eliza got so excited for her "2,3,4,5 birthday bloons!" i had to remind her they were delia's.

we walked out to delia's tree.

took some pics, and said happy birthday delia!
then off they went.
eliza wanted to keep two for herself to play with. thought that would be just fine with delia.

as they went higher and higher eliza surprised us all by saying "they going to delia's house!" while looking up.

we've never used that term. we just say she's in heaven, but she just knows.


walking back to the house holding her two balloons she decided she wanted them to blow away too.

i asked her if she was sure because she couldn't get them back, or play with them, and she said yes.

let go of them with a wave and a "bye, bye bloons!"
watched them a bit and off we were.

it was a perfect way to celebrate our little newbean and her beautiful life.
we ache to hold you. we miss you and love you so much sweet delia. i cannot believe it's been almost a full year since you were in my arms. how have we survived? thank you for all your reminders that you are okay. we know you are in a better place, but we still want you here! we'll keep looking up for rainbows, and keep telling your sister (and fawn!) all about their sister.



(super pink pancakes. made with help from her big sister.)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


are way funnier with an almost three year old than a two year old.

especially the things she comes up with to say.

even if it's in public and she's trying to get me arrested.

today we drove up to indy to do some shopping at a paper store. after i decided to treat us to chick-fil-a since we don't have one by us. also thought she could play in the play place there since she's never been in one.

lunch was great, then came playing. that went fine too, until she started holding her butt and said she needed to poop.

as a mom i am always anticipating what might spur a tantrum, in this case, leaving the playground after she played. so i saw this as an easy out.

"ok! if you go poop, we can get some ice cream!" (and hop in the car for the peaceful drive back)

wrong. of course.

before i continue you should know that from the time she first says she has to poop it's at least another hour or two before she does. sometimes it's not even until the next day. she just holds her butt and goes back to the toilet 5 or 6 times. so annoying.

so, i take her in and she actually tried for a good ten minutes. nothing.

i tell her ok, let's go!

and it begins...

"i need to poop!"

toss her back on the toilet.

"i get ice cream, and play with my friends!"

more sitting and not doing anything.

"ok, you must not really have to go, let's go."

hops down, follows me to the door, then realizes it's the door to the outside, not the play place.

"no! my friends! i not go home!"

drag her to the car.

"i not get in my seat! i not going home! i stay here! i need to poop! i need to poop! don't take me! no, mom, don't take me! i not go with you! don't taaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeee me!"

(thankfully she threw in the mom bit, because i was certain someone was going to call the cops thinking i kidnapped her)

after some disciplining i finally got her strapped in.

climb in the drivers seat, start the car, and here comes round two.

"don't drive! don't drive! no! stop driving my car! stooooooop! don't take me! don't drive!"

here i start to laugh because as i backed up and had to stop to let someone by she calmed down, thinking she won. then started right back up as i inched the car more.

more driving, more screaming, turn the radio up.

when i pulled onto the ramp to get on 65 she completely lost her mind.

"no! i have to poop! take me back! i not going home! i not see maggio! don't drive! stop! don't take me! no! no! don't take me!"

then came my absolute favorite "I HAVE TO POOP IN THE CHICKEN HOUSE!"

oh child. your aunt always warned me threes were harder than two. thanks for not being too terrible this past year. be kind to me, or at least keep me laughing!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

delia's song.

so there was this girl name sarah.

i met her at camp when she was a junior counselor.

and she was amazing.

she is amazing.

she is still my friend.

she moved into the apartment that we lived in when delia was born.

we've been able to reconnect more being in the same area again.

last september, the day before my due date, a month after delia arrived she told me she wrote a song.

she is a singer and songwriter btw.

she was going to be playing it at a coffee house, and share delia's story...our story.

tonight i got to hear it.

she recorded it in that same apartment.

what a gift! i am blown away, and i love it.

i love her...and her.

here are the lyrics...

delia's song.

precious, little baby
i've been growing with you
i've been dreaming, little baby
of all the things that you will do

and when that news hit my heart
it felt as if the whole world would fall apart

but you, little baby, painted the whole sky
and you, little baby, so beautifully touched my life
and now love is all we need...
delia jean

do you know little baby
do you know what you inspire
i ache just to hold you
but thinking of that hour still makes me smile

(so now i'll dream about the day
when we can laugh together, and you will hear me say)

that you, little baby, painted the whole sky
and you, little baby, so beautifully touched my life
and love is all we need..

i will see you again
and God our Father will hold us 'til then
and always

you, little baby, painted the whole sky
and you, little baby, beautifully touched so many lives
and now love is all we need
love is all we need
love is all we need..
delia jean.

and you can listen here. click on the band profile page link...

God has given us such amazing friends and family to help us through this past year.

us a few years ago.

and she posted this to my wall with the caption "still lots of love for her here. these fellas helped me out with my project tonight :)"


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