Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

from our little pink bunny!

inspired by her pink bunny.

and just because...

two halloweens. two mama made costumes. let's see how long i can keep this up!

i still love that her onesie was dyed with georgia clay. so fitting for our little peach!

hope you all have a happy and safe one!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ladies and gentlemen...

i have an announcement (ha! does that take you back ma and dad?!)

we have a walker!

james came home and said something to her like "well, that's it. no more crawling. you are walking for the rest of your life."

i think i saw a little hesitation in her eye, but she just kept on going! :)

she loves to walk out the door, into the elevator and to the car while holding my finger. sometimes she lets go, looks up at me like "i got this."

it takes us quite some time to get where we are going, but it's worth it. to see that proud look on her face as she checks everything out, looks to see if anyone is watching, as she takes it all in.

i just watch her...and take it all in.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

paper lullaby.

for a few years now i've been trying to think of something i could make and use to open a shop. i did a lot of diy stuff for our wedding and really enjoyed it! then came bean and i got even more creative in her nursery. if you know me, then you know i have a love affair with my gocco and all things paper. you also know that my sewing machine and i don't usually get along. sure it's let me make a few random things, but for the most part we have a love/hate relationship.

except when it comes to paper. for some reason it will let me sew paper all day long! i love the look of it too. so much i had aunt steph sew all our programs for the wedding. it's just fun and unexpected "you can sew paper?" "why not?!"

for eliza's birthday i made a huge thing of circle garland. hers i cut out of felt. each individual circle. it was a labor of love! she will appreciate it someday!

then it hit me, "duh! you should use your cricut!" thankfully it's a 220v and one of the few electronic things we brought over here. (oh kitchenaid mixer, we will be reunited someday.)

they are having a craft fair over here at the end of november. mallory and i decided to share a table, and that jump started my want to start a store once again.

so, thanks to facebook for it's ease, tammy for the name (since the one i came up with was taken) ma for sending a ton of craft stuff over, and james for putting up with me taking over the desk (most days) i launched it...and i'm proud.

paper lullaby.

recognize that font?

there is a link on the right hand side, share if you want, and invite your friends! i'm slowly building it as the days go.

p.s. could i have added anymore links to this post? :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

her necklace.

i have had a ton of people ask me online and in real life about eliza's necklace. no, i'm not a crazy mom who puts jewelry on her 1 year old. it has a purpose!

okay, so i may be crazy, but this necklace kept me sane!

it's a baltic amber teething necklace. i got it from inspired by finn. you can read all about amber and hazelwood jewelry there, or read quick what i usually tell people.

1. no she doesn't chew on it.
2. it's a natural pain reliever.
3. it warms up against the skin and releases some (real technical) acid into the body.
4. the closer to the site of pain the better. people wear bracelets for carpal tunnel and arthritis.
5. the lighter the color the stronger it's supposed to be.
6. yes, she wears it 24/7. we only take it off during her bath. some people feel better wrapping it a couple times around their ankle when they sleep.
7. people said "my baby got teeth in and i didn't even know it."
8. yes, i was skeptical too.
9. then she popped all four front molars in and i only realized by seeing them!
10. she was miserable with teething before this necklace. we used teethers, tylenol, tablets and lots of tears on both our parts.
11. it is said to reduce drool too. she was never a major drooler, but i have noticed a bit of a decrease.

seriously, i cannot recommend these enough! i wish i had it for the 8 other teeth she got. 8 more to go, and they are rough ones, so we'll see how it goes. i'll keep you updated.

come to the crazy side it's comfy over here! :)

p.s. if you become a fan on fb they have a discount code.

and no, i wasn't paid or compensated to say this, i'm just a happy mom who loves this product!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

korean food.

ma wanted me to write a bit about the food here. here is my take, mixed in with a few pics from today. (not related to the food whatsoever)

i've actually only eaten korean food a handful of times since we've been here. james is a bit more experienced when it comes to this. i usually just order what he tells me!

there is a place near his work, a korean canteen. we went there for my first taste of korean food. james and i both got bulgoki and rice. i have had it many times since, but that place remains my favorite. i've gone back on my own and ordered take-out a few times when i ran up there to check the mail. it's so good! according to wikipedia it's "a korean dish that usually consists of marinated barbecued beef, although chicken or pork may also be used." james has also had bulgoki pizza (from pizza hut!) and bulgoki burgers. i like mine just on rice!

the next time we went he ordered chicken and cheese ramen. the cheese part was just a slice of cheese dropped on top! i thought it was a bit too spicy. james loves spicy food. i wasn't a big fan of this. definitely regretted not getting the bulgoki.

of course kimchi is very popular here. there are hundreds of varieties of it. some are good, some are too spicy, some are not so good!

the last time we went out to eat at a korean place james ordered yakimandu. (more commonly known as a pot sticker) i hadn't ordered any over here, and i almost stole all his. they were so good! they are meat and vegetables wrapped in a thin piece of dough. so delicious!

as for the kids...eliza usually eats what we eat, or at least tries it. she's a big fan of rice! we also get her chicken a lot of places. one thing she has become addicted to is banana milk. if i run down and get a little carton from the store in our apartment complex, i'm guaranteed 5-10 minutes of silence while she chugs it!

so far, that's about all we've experienced. we've eaten a lot of american food, some local pizza places, gotten to know the beer, and had one home cooked bulgoki experience. we even own our set of stainless steel chopsticks!

i'm sure i will have more to report home about the longer we stay!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

some proud moments.

in august 2005 i got to witness my first baptism as a Godmother.

evia bug was welcomed into God's family and i'll never forget the feeling that washed over me as the water hit her head. such an amazing thing to experience.

exactly one year ago we brought eliza to the same holy water. seeing it through a parent's eyes? nothing greater. so very proud to have her become a child of God.

and then, just last night, around midnight our time, james and i got to see our nephew kade washed in the Spirit. we are honored to be his Godparents. also thankful for skype for allowing us to be right there.

our view.

ma's view.

one God, three babies, many blessings.

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