Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ladies and gentlemen...

i have an announcement (ha! does that take you back ma and dad?!)

we have a walker!

james came home and said something to her like "well, that's it. no more crawling. you are walking for the rest of your life."

i think i saw a little hesitation in her eye, but she just kept on going! :)

she loves to walk out the door, into the elevator and to the car while holding my finger. sometimes she lets go, looks up at me like "i got this."

it takes us quite some time to get where we are going, but it's worth it. to see that proud look on her face as she checks everything out, looks to see if anyone is watching, as she takes it all in.

i just watch her...and take it all in.


Nicolasa said...

Hooray! Very exciting!

momv said...

yes shel that sounds very familiar:)love <>< +

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