Thursday, June 25, 2009

making ma proud.

in the last couple weeks i've had conversations with a couple different groups of friends about tattoos. what we each had, when we got them and so on.

so i figured why not share here?

1. a triquetra, a celtic symbol of trinity. i got this freshman year of college. a month after james and i broke up. a month before my 19th birthday. it's probably held up the nicest. i remember the artist's name was sid. two of my friends and my brother dave were with me. i didn't have enough cash, and they didn't take checks so dave offered up dad's atm card. with one requirement...i had to call and make sure it was okay. with a promise of paying him back, and i'm sure a few eye rolls on his end, i was sitting there getting my first one, and clueless about an addiction that was to come.

2. an ichthus. jesus fish. i got this one the semester after i moved home from purdue. my 20th birthday. it was a present from ma. she was going to get one on her wrist, but she chickened out and couldn't even stay in the room. this one was my favorite for a long time. it sits perfect next to flip flop straps, or on top of ballet flats. it's been a conversation starter, a witnessing tool. since then, i know a lot of camp girls who have gotten similar ones. it's like our mark. when james and i got back together we realized that we have the same tattoo. he has this on his hand. he got his done in italy a few years after i got mine, but neither of us knew the other had it.

3. chi rho. the first two letters of Christ in the greek alphabet. this one was very spur of the moment. i had just finished my year of living in indy with ralf. ma and i got her a tattoo as a birthday present. while waiting at the shop, i just decided to get another. i knew what i wanted, but i didn't have a picture. so i borrowed a post-it and drew it myself. i was 23. i like it because not many people know it's there. it's hidden unless my hair is cut short, or completely up.

4. shamrock. in honor of my birthday. i got this one the night of my 24th birthday. it was another spur of the moment decision after a giant texas margarita. my friend, catie, wanted to get her nose pierced. adrienne was with us and her and i walked out with tattoos and catie walked out with no piercing. ha! i was comforted by a phone call to ma and i said "guess what i got." and she said "a shamrock on your hip." so it was totally out of nowhere. :) it hasn't really changed yet, even with the growing bump. it was pretty low to start with though.

5. lullaby. for our angel baby. the night we found out about the miscarriage ua sent james and i an andrew peterson song to listen to. it was called 'lullaby' and the words were perfect for our situation. i wanted something concrete to remember our first baby by. some people weren't thrilled (james included) but i just wanted this kid to leave it's mark, and not be forgotten. i got this the day after Christmas 2008, i was 25. tammy came with me. we laughed when i filled out the form because you had to say whether or not you were pregnant, and we weren't sure at that time if we were. turns out, yes, yes i was! :) it took awhile to decide which wrist, but we picked the left for a few reasons. the artist didn't understand why i would want it facing me, but i just told him it was being done for me. it is still a comfort.

i laugh now thinking when i had 3 i said "okay 3 is a good number." then "well, i like even numbers" and now here i am at 5. not sure if this it. i'm running out of hiding places. they are pretty balanced out now, and only one shows everyday, and only if i'm wearing short sleeves.

we'll see.

i do like that each one was done while living in a different town. lafayette, hebron, indy, san antonio, and now georgia.

that's my story in ink.


Dyan said...

I love your story in ink....the shamrock is my favorite it looks adorable right now with bean. How are you doing? Miss You!!!

Erin said...

I love all the stories behind each tattoo! I have just one tattoo, on my hip. Sometimes I think about getting another, but the right thought or moment hasn't struck me yet.

krista/ralf said...

yeah!!! chi rho is my fave of course.. :) that was so fun. i still LOVE my tattoo and think of you and ma-v every time i see it! monthly when i get my shot my nurse says.. oh, i always forget how much i love your tattoo until i see it again... :) you.andever!

momv <>< + said...

my favorite is the chi rho also:) i think if i ever got one that is what i would get, i just could never decide where i wanted it??? mom <>< +

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