Wednesday, October 6, 2010

korean food.

ma wanted me to write a bit about the food here. here is my take, mixed in with a few pics from today. (not related to the food whatsoever)

i've actually only eaten korean food a handful of times since we've been here. james is a bit more experienced when it comes to this. i usually just order what he tells me!

there is a place near his work, a korean canteen. we went there for my first taste of korean food. james and i both got bulgoki and rice. i have had it many times since, but that place remains my favorite. i've gone back on my own and ordered take-out a few times when i ran up there to check the mail. it's so good! according to wikipedia it's "a korean dish that usually consists of marinated barbecued beef, although chicken or pork may also be used." james has also had bulgoki pizza (from pizza hut!) and bulgoki burgers. i like mine just on rice!

the next time we went he ordered chicken and cheese ramen. the cheese part was just a slice of cheese dropped on top! i thought it was a bit too spicy. james loves spicy food. i wasn't a big fan of this. definitely regretted not getting the bulgoki.

of course kimchi is very popular here. there are hundreds of varieties of it. some are good, some are too spicy, some are not so good!

the last time we went out to eat at a korean place james ordered yakimandu. (more commonly known as a pot sticker) i hadn't ordered any over here, and i almost stole all his. they were so good! they are meat and vegetables wrapped in a thin piece of dough. so delicious!

as for the kids...eliza usually eats what we eat, or at least tries it. she's a big fan of rice! we also get her chicken a lot of places. one thing she has become addicted to is banana milk. if i run down and get a little carton from the store in our apartment complex, i'm guaranteed 5-10 minutes of silence while she chugs it!

so far, that's about all we've experienced. we've eaten a lot of american food, some local pizza places, gotten to know the beer, and had one home cooked bulgoki experience. we even own our set of stainless steel chopsticks!

i'm sure i will have more to report home about the longer we stay!


momv said...

interesting, thanks shel, love mom <>< +

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

Wow! your own chopsticks!! I'm impressed!! :)
(never could get those things to work)

Megs said...

Blog award! Congratulations :)

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