Sunday, October 24, 2010

paper lullaby.

for a few years now i've been trying to think of something i could make and use to open a shop. i did a lot of diy stuff for our wedding and really enjoyed it! then came bean and i got even more creative in her nursery. if you know me, then you know i have a love affair with my gocco and all things paper. you also know that my sewing machine and i don't usually get along. sure it's let me make a few random things, but for the most part we have a love/hate relationship.

except when it comes to paper. for some reason it will let me sew paper all day long! i love the look of it too. so much i had aunt steph sew all our programs for the wedding. it's just fun and unexpected "you can sew paper?" "why not?!"

for eliza's birthday i made a huge thing of circle garland. hers i cut out of felt. each individual circle. it was a labor of love! she will appreciate it someday!

then it hit me, "duh! you should use your cricut!" thankfully it's a 220v and one of the few electronic things we brought over here. (oh kitchenaid mixer, we will be reunited someday.)

they are having a craft fair over here at the end of november. mallory and i decided to share a table, and that jump started my want to start a store once again.

so, thanks to facebook for it's ease, tammy for the name (since the one i came up with was taken) ma for sending a ton of craft stuff over, and james for putting up with me taking over the desk (most days) i launched it...and i'm proud.

paper lullaby.

recognize that font?

there is a link on the right hand side, share if you want, and invite your friends! i'm slowly building it as the days go.

p.s. could i have added anymore links to this post? :)


Nicolasa said...

So excited for you and your new adventure! I wish you the best of luck!

jackie said...

So excited for you, Shel! And I love sewing paper too! It's the first way that I let my girls sew on the sewing machine! It's super easy and looks adorable!

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