Friday, October 8, 2010

her necklace.

i have had a ton of people ask me online and in real life about eliza's necklace. no, i'm not a crazy mom who puts jewelry on her 1 year old. it has a purpose!

okay, so i may be crazy, but this necklace kept me sane!

it's a baltic amber teething necklace. i got it from inspired by finn. you can read all about amber and hazelwood jewelry there, or read quick what i usually tell people.

1. no she doesn't chew on it.
2. it's a natural pain reliever.
3. it warms up against the skin and releases some (real technical) acid into the body.
4. the closer to the site of pain the better. people wear bracelets for carpal tunnel and arthritis.
5. the lighter the color the stronger it's supposed to be.
6. yes, she wears it 24/7. we only take it off during her bath. some people feel better wrapping it a couple times around their ankle when they sleep.
7. people said "my baby got teeth in and i didn't even know it."
8. yes, i was skeptical too.
9. then she popped all four front molars in and i only realized by seeing them!
10. she was miserable with teething before this necklace. we used teethers, tylenol, tablets and lots of tears on both our parts.
11. it is said to reduce drool too. she was never a major drooler, but i have noticed a bit of a decrease.

seriously, i cannot recommend these enough! i wish i had it for the 8 other teeth she got. 8 more to go, and they are rough ones, so we'll see how it goes. i'll keep you updated.

come to the crazy side it's comfy over here! :)

p.s. if you become a fan on fb they have a discount code.

and no, i wasn't paid or compensated to say this, i'm just a happy mom who loves this product!


Matt & Michelle said...

I hope you don't mind - but I posted a link to the necklace as well as your blog for your testimonial! I think all moms need to be aware! :)

Lauren said...

Yep! You are totally in my book for baby resources!! That is awesome!! I just figured it was something she wanted to wear! It looked really cute with her outfit yesterday!

Susan said...

What about for boys? They wear them too, or is there an alternative?

shel said...

yea, boys wear them too. not sure how james feels about that, but i'll be sticking one on any boys we have! they have a ton of different styles, some more boyish than others.

Jess said...

Not sure if you are interested, but on a blog I found, it said:
Inspired By Finn is offering 1 lucky winner any piece of jewelry on their shop that is 16" or smaller.
Here is the blog if you are interested:
Chances are slim in winning, but I guess it doesn't hurt to try. :) I really like following your blog. Glad to see you are doing well!!

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