Monday, May 20, 2013

four months of hattie!

and she's getting to be a lot of fun!

things she likes...
still being swaddled. we tried to break her of it, but she's a junkie.
grasping toys.
sucking in her top lip.
watching eliza.
holding her shirt, blanket, bunny up to her face.
us sitting her up, and standing her up.
making her clap her hands.
shhh-ing sound.
being held facing out.

hattie is the queen of cat naps. guess she stores it up all at night, which isn't a bad thing, but it makes the days long! she laughs now, which is so awesome! eliza loves to mimic her sounds. there are a lot of pics of her laying on our polka dot picnic blanket which means we've gotten to be outside a lot more. she had her first experience in water and sand in our yard. didn't mind either one. she's taking the world in and doesn't mind laying on a blanket as long as she has something to hold. she really likes things up near her face. if she sleeps with us she does best snuggled close. the other night she latched on to my nose in the middle of the night! still nursing like a champ and growing like a weed. compared her 4 month stats with eliza's and she weighs the exact same that eliza did at 6 months. i suppose that's the difference between nursing on demand (hattie is spoiled) and nursing more on a schedule like i did with eliza. (first time mama mistake) hattie has really noticed eliza, and other kids, a lot more and they are guaranteed smiles out of her. so sweet! she's done amazing in church the last few weeks. if james holds her from the beginning she just slowly falls asleep and is out for the sermon. hopefully that continues! love this little bear, and she is certainly a mama's girl so far!

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