Thursday, April 22, 2010

dear earth,

happy day!

vintage eliza circa september2009.
i love watching her discover you.

we are doing our best to make sure she respects you.

our new adventure cloth diapers. we love bumgenius!
thanks for all your beauty.

sunset at one of my favorite places. circa2004.
a slight tree hugger.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


eliza (7months) and her best friend/cousin enola (9months)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

don't raise jerks.

last night we (nana, papa, eliza, maggs, macy and i) took a walk to the park. eliza has been loving the swings!

it was pretty crowded, but we made our way to the toddler section and found an empty swing. as my kid was showing off her wiggling while swinging skills...

a group of middle schoolers were forming a west side story type stand off nearby.

in the middle were two girls who were arguing about spreading rumors and whatever else pubescent teens have to fight about. they decided they were going to fight...right there in the park toddler section.

we were getting ready to leave and heard a string of cuss words to make any sailor proud and that's when i lost it. "seriously? in the park? in the kiddie section?!"

nana asked "can i go over there and say something?" i said "please do!"

after a confrontation "just take it somewhere away from the kiddie park", some whispers of "wait until they leave" a call to the cops/park security and a girl saying "i know where she lives! she's always starting stuff!" we were on our way. shaking our fists the whole time. kids these days.

did we overreact? maybe. we weren't trying to get them in trouble. we just wanted them to leave. take it away from the kids. they don't need to see or hear that.

on the way home i laughed (one of those uncomfortable, not really a laugh, but more a disbelief kind) thinking how much things have changed. not only for myself, but in the world in general. nana and papa (really more nana, because papa can't hear) were appalled that they would talk like that in front of adults and little kids.

i remember when i was pregnant thinking do i really want a kid in a world like this? and being sad about the state of society that they'll grow up in.

but i know i'm not alone. that is a comfort.

i just read this post a few weeks ago by mooshinindy. similar situation. similar feelings. she just says it way better than i!

i pray all the time for eliza to grow up different than most kids. i hope we can instill old values in her. that she will have respect for others. i wish so much for her.

oh how much i want to live "back then"

Monday, April 12, 2010


things she likes...
sitting up.
pulling her legs up and slamming her heels on the floor. especially fun during bath time.
sleeping on her belly.
puffs and yogurt melts.
pears. that's about it for solid food she likes so far.
water. drinking it, playing in it.
teethers and ice cubes.
sticking her tongue out.
toys. especially violet (a leap frog dog that sings her name)
being outside.
watching little kids.
army crawling.

eliza has been busy this month. celebrated st. patrick's day (mama's birthday) and easter. the easter bunny came to visit and hid the bucket she left out in the yard. we had a few visitors to georgia. nana and papa, crystal and krista. she is getting around more and more. into everything, and she is barely crawling! she rolls to whatever she wants. she'll roll to her toy bucket and dump it out. she splashes during her bath a lot! she loves to sit up, and just learned how to get herself down without bonking her head. she has two teeth on the bottom and 4 are working their way down on the top! she has had a rough day here and there, but usually cheers up by sucking on some ice. we got to take her to her first sox game when they were in town playing the braves. she loves being outside. playing on a blanket or taking walks. her and i are up in indiana for a visit and we've been taking advantage of the park close by! she gets so excited when there are little kids around. she loves to watch them and usually starts laughing if they look her way. she also got to visit (great) uncle jerry and aunt susie's farm. she got to pet a mini hereford calf and a horse! life with eliza is just getting more and more fun!

Friday, April 9, 2010

for daddy.

there she goes. trying so hard!

got the army crawl down. she started getting up on her knees today too. it won't be long and she will figure it all out.

this was quite a feat in nana and papa's old house. going uphill and all!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


eliza got her first two teeth this past week. i've been trying to appease the masses with pictures!
today she decided to show them off for you...

that's how we grow 'em right here in georgia!

thankfully, i'm just kidding! she's actually eating a peach puff.
i did get a couple pics on our drive up to indiana though. i give you, eliza's first teeth...

up close.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Christ has triumphed!

He is living!

happy easter!

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