Tuesday, April 13, 2010

don't raise jerks.

last night we (nana, papa, eliza, maggs, macy and i) took a walk to the park. eliza has been loving the swings!

it was pretty crowded, but we made our way to the toddler section and found an empty swing. as my kid was showing off her wiggling while swinging skills...

a group of middle schoolers were forming a west side story type stand off nearby.

in the middle were two girls who were arguing about spreading rumors and whatever else pubescent teens have to fight about. they decided they were going to fight...right there in the park toddler section.

we were getting ready to leave and heard a string of cuss words to make any sailor proud and that's when i lost it. "seriously? in the park? in the kiddie section?!"

nana asked "can i go over there and say something?" i said "please do!"

after a confrontation "just take it somewhere away from the kiddie park", some whispers of "wait until they leave" a call to the cops/park security and a girl saying "i know where she lives! she's always starting stuff!" we were on our way. shaking our fists the whole time. kids these days.

did we overreact? maybe. we weren't trying to get them in trouble. we just wanted them to leave. take it away from the kids. they don't need to see or hear that.

on the way home i laughed (one of those uncomfortable, not really a laugh, but more a disbelief kind) thinking how much things have changed. not only for myself, but in the world in general. nana and papa (really more nana, because papa can't hear) were appalled that they would talk like that in front of adults and little kids.

i remember when i was pregnant thinking do i really want a kid in a world like this? and being sad about the state of society that they'll grow up in.

but i know i'm not alone. that is a comfort.

i just read this post a few weeks ago by mooshinindy. similar situation. similar feelings. she just says it way better than i!

i pray all the time for eliza to grow up different than most kids. i hope we can instill old values in her. that she will have respect for others. i wish so much for her.

oh how much i want to live "back then"


jackie said...

Oh Shel!!! I have had those exact same feelings about my kids! Should we be bringing all of these precious children into this crazy mixed-up world? The answer? Absoultely. And we will raise them to be children that may someday lead nations (or at least their own families)!!! :)

We strive to raise our children to be effective and respectful members of this society. We hope to have 4 children...which will double the amount of respectful citizens that will replace us when we die!! :) Honestly, it makes me want to have LOTS and LOTS of children, but I don't know how my sanity will survive! Time will tell. :)

sarah said...

first of all- your wiggling little beauty is uber adorable! love it! love her! and you!

and second- darn kids. sometimes i feel like an 80-year-old man stuck in a 24-year-old woman's body. oh wait... that's nigel. that explains that! praying for you and all the parents who are working on raising their children amidst our insane world/society. and i'm sure i'll be hitting you up for advice in the coming years!

you're precious & i love seeing updates on you and your gorgeous family! have a very happy day. love!

Anonymous said...

FIRST, I am so very THANKFUL and GRATEFUL that you decided to have "our" little Eliza.
Second, I still worry about the grankids. But knowing that they are being raised within our Saviors beliefs and family traditions, eases my mind. And I am trusting God to protect and keep them from Harm and the "wrong" crowds.
I DO feel so very sorry for the younger adults and kids that do not or have not the opportunity to know Jesus.
I have always thought, if maybe there could be a group to get to know some of these kids and try to get them involved in Youth Groups, that maybe, I like to believe we could save some of them. cheryl

Annie said...

First off - eliza is, honestly, one of the cutest little people ever.

Secondly & sadly - I teach high school and see stuff like this daily. Just a week ago, I had a former student shout that I was fat when I walked by him in a store... I've seen a freshman tell an officer of the law to "pick it up yourself" when asked to not throw his trash on the floor... and heard another 14-year-old call a visiting member of the military a name that I can't/won't even repeat on here. It saddens me and makes me wonder about the future on a daily basis.

On the flip side - I think you guys did a wonderful thing by calling them out - in my opinion, adults in their lives haven't given them that guidance/structure. Also, for every unkind & disrespectful student I see, I see (at least) 3 funny, creative, independent, bursting-with-potential students that remind me why I decided to be a teacher.

But - alas - the old days have gone.

Laura said...

Way to go Nana for having the gumption to say something. The other day I was waddling into the library, serenaded by a man cussing by the open door of his pick-up. Didn't want to stare but couldn't tell if he was talking to himself. Needless to say I did not approach, and I was glad my baby's little ears were still in utero. Parenting is going to be difficult these days, and scary, in such a self-centered world. I do feel, though, that maybe our generation is going to be a bit more conscientious. I pray the pendulum is swinging back.

Erin said...

No, you did not overreact. I've had those moments, all too often. It's hard to turn off the teacher in me, so I find myself yelling at middle school kids in the park, at the water park, at the grocery store, EVERYWHERE. I can't help myself, but you know what? Maybe next time those kids will think twice about their language around children--and that's the best you can hope for and know is that at the end of the day, you did the right thing.

ashley said...

She's soooo cute!!! I wanna hug her =)Of course, I agree with you and what's being said. It amazes me the things that 6th graders say and do at my work everyday. I have no doubt you'll do a beautiful job with Eliza and she will be able to encourage those around her to be Godly people.

shel said...

thanks everyone. especially for sharing your stories. i knew i wasn't alone out there! it's a comfort to know eliza has some good buddies already! they'll change the world. little by little.

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