Wednesday, July 19, 2017

17 years ago...

i was a 17 year old girl. volunteering at camp for 2 weeks.

i met a boy.

we shared my first kiss.

and life would never be the same.

that's the short story.

but there is so much more.

i documented everything in my journals.

we exchanged numbers. home numbers.

we kept in touch through icq, aim, and yahoo messenger. yes...icq.

i didn't have my license so ma had to drive me an hour to visit him.

we'd swing through the drive thru of burger king just so he and i could flirt.

he came to my homecoming dance.

we thought ahead and lied about his age, so when the time came he could go to my prom.

we left messages on answering machines.

we wrote notes...not texts.

he was there at my graduation open house.

he helped move me in to my dorm freshman year.

we held hands on the night of 9-11.

we held each other.

we couldn't get in touch over the phone when my roommate was on the internet.

we went to my first frat party.

we took selfies without being able to see them instantly.

we fell in love.

but i was young...and he was younger.

and we broke up.

i drowned myself in dashboard confessional and incubus.

i wrote poems.

i wrote letters to him that i'd never send.

i burned his stuff and he got rid of mine.

i was a brokenhearted college kid. it was insufferable.

(seriously, reading my journals, i'm pretty sure i defined emo.)

years passed.

we got lost in others.

we both grew up.

we found ourselves.

but neither one of us forgot.

and then myspace happened.

and we found each other.

a slow restart, but a restart.

now a college graduate and a soldier.

letters written.

yahoo video chat.


cell phone calls.


a deployment.

10 years ago he proposed.

he was in afghanistan, and i was in indiana.

things were still difficult, but we were together.

right where we were supposed to be all along.

more years have passed.

and i still can't believe that i get to be with that cute workboy from camp.


p.s. alone in my car tonight, i listened to that dashboard cd. i could still belt every. single. word.

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