Thursday, December 31, 2009

bumbo and Christmas.

eliza loves to sit and stand so she's gotten a bit of use out of her bumbo. she's also tried out the johnny jump up, but she mostly uses it as a chew toy.

i haven't uploaded those videos yet, but i'm sure they'll be coming.
password jmrock2009

bumbo. from michele rockhill on Vimeo.

we had a great Christmas (or six) up in indiana. eliza came back with a good loot, and a radio flyer wagon to haul it in! the girls had fun riding around in enola's heavy duty wagon.

it was so great to see everyone. just wish it wasn't all a blur! seems that way with little ones around.
i have a ton of pics posted of fb, but here are a few...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i love a good documentary.

can't wait for this one to come out!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3 month pictures.

added to the post below.

we finished Christmas shopping yesterday at the outlets. in about 5 days we'll be back on the road headed north.

the backseat will be filled with maggs, eliza and jude. (in that order) hopefully they all stay on their own sides. (i'm watching you magglio!)

speaking of magglio. he turns 7 this week. cannot believe it!

i'll have to post some pics of him.

happy day!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


eliza is three months old today!

we had a spontaneous trip to indiana. james' dad collapsed at work. went to the hospital and they found a blockage. they put a stent in and it seemed to do the trick.

since we left in a hurry i forgot to grab her the blanket and her 3 month onesie. so the pictures will have to wait until we get back home.

things she likes...
sitting up on your lap.
standing up.
not being cradled like a baby.
the moby, but only if her feet are sticking out.
staring at Christmas lights.
being held facing out.
playing on the floor.
looking at herself in the mirror.

this has been a great month. we finally got the hang of nursing. both of us are enjoying it a whole lot more. she's also taken a bottle a few times. she is all smiles, and has been such a joy. she had a couple naps in her crib. that was big! she's still sleeping great at night. she does pretty well in church. she's only had to be taken out once or twice. this month her first round of shots, went to indiana for the second time, went to her first wedding, celebrated her first thanksgiving, got a Christmas tree, hung out in the bumbo, went to indiana for the third time, started blowing bubbles and imitating actions, tried desperately to roll over...

Monday, December 7, 2009

yea, yea.

i know, it's been 2 weeks.

i don't have much time to stop and write. what time i do get i'm trying to keep up with my actual pen and paper journal. it's been going for almost 15 years strong, and i don't want to miss out now.

eliza still won't nap, unless she's being held so i don't have many chances. i've gotten pretty good at updating facebooks pictures one handed though!

we can't complain about the naps though because for the last month she's slept 9 hours, nursed and slept for another 3 or 4 hours.

james thinks i should take advantage of that early morning nap and have "me time." i told him i do, i just spend it sleeping!

speaking of "me time" i got 4 1/2 hours of it last night. james kept her for the first time. she took a bottle with no problem and he had her bed. (after a few phone calls of questions. the first coming when i was just a couple miles down the road!)

over the last few weeks we spent some time in indiana for my best friend's wedding. she married my oldest brother. it's such a blessing!

eliza and i had our first flight together and i was too stressed forgot to take any pictures. she did okay once she settled in, but we got stuck in traffic, was sent to the wrong terminal and walked back and forth, and did not meet very many nice airport employees.

we picked up our Christmas tree last week. got that all decorated and she loves to stare at the lights!

the most recent news is that james got orders for germany. we would be able to go with him, but we're trying to get it changed stateside. we have all sorts of maybes flying around. we'd really like to stay, or me stay, where we are now. pray for that! hopefully we'll know something soon!

and now, random pictures for mom who doesn't like fb...
click to make larger.

i love all her little outfits. they are too cute i have to take pictures. most are church dresses. a few were thrift store finds.

these were random ones from our trip home. ma posted mine of ua and adrienne. just realized i didn't have him on here. the first one is from when i watched enola while whit was working. the girls got some playtime in.

getting our tree, and the nativity set ma made in ceramics.

and finally, from today. it was pretty cold here. we had to run to the post office so i put this bonnet on her. she hates hats so that half smile is all i could get out of her.

the bonnet was mine when i was a baby, and i think she just looks too cute!

i've had some old ladies comment about me taking her out in the cold. i just laugh thinking about if we were living in indiana. she'll be okay!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

life around here.

eliza is 10 weeks old today! she had to get her 2 month shots on monday. she is up to 10lbs 15oz. can't believe i'm already packing clothes up!

that's how she spent most of the day after her shots.

she's been in her crib for a week now, and every night she has slept at least 9 hours. i just took down the pack 'n play yesterday. store the bassinet for the next one!

just finished this activity gym. my dad made it, but i sanded and painted it. the animals were from my mobile when i was a baby. she has knocked them a few times and made them jingle.

she's also fallen asleep under there a few times. she NEVER sleeps on the floor alone!

she's also all about the smiles and "talking" these days. it's so much fun!

we are looking forward to another trip to indiana. this time for joshUA and adrienne's wedding!

hope you're having a great weekend!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


before children (or child) i always said "they'll be in their own crib by 6 weeks!"

well, that came and went. james was gone and she got a little spoiled sleeping with me.

then it was "once she sleeps through the night for a week!" that came and went and then we were going to the women's retreat so she'd be back in her bassinet. blah, blah, blah.

finally i said "okay! 2 months. 2 months it is!" she hit that mark on thursday. it was a long week with james working crazy hours. i didn't want to be up all night and tired the next day.

so the next night i told james that it was time. (if it was up to him she would have been in there awhile ago) it was a friday night. he didn't have to work today so we could share the middle of the night wakeups that i was certain would happen.

how did it go?

i nursed her at 8. james rocked her and she was in her crib by 9. (meanwhile i sat and pouted about missing her in our room, all the while listening to them and the squeaky rocking chair on the monitor)

she woke up at 6:30am. i nursed her and put her back, and she slept until 9.


i just hope tonight is just as good!

p.s. we are such bad parents. i read an article earlier this week about a 4 month old kidnapped from her crib years ago. i was all paranoid, and yet we went to bed with both doors unlocked! whoops!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


eliza is two months old today!

things she likes...
laying on the floor.
staring at her lamb that plays "Jesus loves me"
stroller rides.
not sleeping in her crib.
not napping.
being held.
the moby.
having her feet tickled.
looking at the pictures while i read bible stories at night.
pacifiers. sometimes. (james gave in and let her have one)

it was another busy month. her and i went to indiana with celina and aidan, sunday dinner, trunk-or-treat at church, her first pumpkin and halloween, learning to smile and doing it often, first baby-sitter, going on a women's retreat, working one day at church, veteran's day...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

so proud...

not only to be the granddaughter of a veteran, but also the wife.

on sunday james was asked to share a little in church. i wasn't there, but i heard it was an emotional moment, and something to be proud of. after listening to it, i agree. i cannot be more proud!

if you want to hear what he had to say about a solider's sacrifice head over here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a new lullaby.

eliza and i were at a women's retreat this weekend.

it was needed. so good for my spirit.

i needed to be surrounded by those women, new friends.

especially yesterday.

it was one year ago that i had that heartbreaking 12 week appointment.

as i sat yesterday reflecting on things it was the weirdest feeling. here i am sad, missing our baby, and i look down and smile as i see eliza asleep on me.

still singing a lullaby, just a different one these days.

what a circle.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

mama made onesie. dyed with georgia clay and added the face cut from a patch.
mama wishes she made, hat from etsy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

since he's been gone.

james has been gone for the last two weeks. it sucked. i cannot wait to have him back. i have a new found respect for single parents.

eliza has changed a lot in these two weeks. i can't wait to see him with her.

he already exclaimed "she's fat!" when i sent him a picture.

she moved out of newborn diapers and some newborn clothes.

but this is the biggest and best change...she smiles!

there are a couple other videos i posted on facebook, or you can find them on youtube.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

her father's daughter.

aunt nancy had some of james' baby pictures and i couldn't wait to see them again to compare with mine and eliza's. i picked them up on our surprise trip to indiana (more on that later...hopefully) and i couldn't believe what i saw.

ma claimed from the beginning that she felt like she was holding her baby again. a lot of other people have told me they think she looks like me.

seeing his picture, i'm not so sure. i feel like i'm looking at her.

what do you think?

ma also said that she sees more of james in her now. i just looked at her newborn pictures and she has changed a lot, so maybe that's it.


me...a chunk at 8lbs 7oz.

james...itty bitty. he came really early.

one thing is for sure...she was bound to have lots of dark hair!

Monday, October 12, 2009


eliza is one month old today!

things she likes...
sleeping. a lot.
being held.
the moby.
the bouncy seat.
stretching out on the floor.
being swaddled, but only in flannel blankets.
looking at pictures in books.
naps with dad when he comes home from work.
bath time with mama.
getting her hair brushed.

she has had quite the busy month! meeting tons of family, and her future best friend enola, church every sunday but the first, getting baptized, apple orchard, motorcycle shop, a few shopping trips, doctor visits, small group bible study, a trip to the train station...

Monday, October 5, 2009

big day.

eliza had a big day yesterday. she became a baptized child of God!

it was beautiful. she wore a gown made by her great aunt steph, and a bonnet topped her head that great aunt susie gave her. one day she can cut the strings on it and it will turn into a hankie for her wedding day. just like me.

21 family members came down from indiana to help welcome her to God's family. it was a great weekend! we cannot thank everyone enough for all the help and love they gave. we are so blessed! very excited to watch her grow in Him.

here is the start to that life...

Monday, September 28, 2009

no words.

just her. perfect little her.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


according to one of my favorite blogs. it's international babywearing week. what better time to post these pics?

i've waited so long to slip her in this. it's a little bit of bliss for the both of us.

i have to give a big thanks to my fif (freaky internet friend) vanessa for gifting us this moby.

we love it!

Monday, September 21, 2009

her name.

i've been having people ask me where we got her name from. is it a family name?

james and i each had a name picked out for a few years now. before we were even back together. he had a boys name and mine was a girl's. we each liked the other so it worked out perfect!

i picked eliza because it's the name of lake where my parents met in the summer of 1970. nanny (my great-grandma) lived near it, and i just always liked the name.

june came a little later. i had another name picked out, but once we found out she was a girl i got to thinking. i wanted a family name included. i went back and forth between jean and june. after talking to tammy and hearing her say "i'm eliza jean, i was born in georgia!" in the most southern accent ever, i decided june would be a better choice. :) it was grandma rockhill's first name. unfortunately i only got the chance to meet her a couple times back in high school, but i know how important she was to james and his family. grandpa rockhill has been such a big part of our life and i wanted to honor his wife.

i also picked it thinking it might help soften the blow that she didn't have a penis. james was really holding out!

so there she is...miss bean...

eliza june.

(the quilt she is laying on was given to her. it belonged to her great-great-great grandma. june's family line. very special!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the last few days. in bullets.

sorry if there is more information then you wanted to know, but here is eliza's birth short.

  • got an invite for a hot wing dinner. celina's attempt to entice bean out.
  • thought i peed my pants while straightening my hair.
  • call to the doctor.
  • he said no go.
  • left for hot wings at ben and celina's.
  • really thought i peed my pants.
  • told james to turn left and go to the hospital.
  • walked in with my paperwork covering my wet jeans.
  • checked in. still thinking i just peed.
  • found out we're staying.
  • sad i didn't get hot wings. or even a last meal.
  • this was around 7pm.
  • steady contractions, 2cm, but no further progress.
  • 2am they start pitocin.
  • contractions pick up...a lot.
  • pain medicine made me awfully high.
  • when i got to 4cm they called in the dr. for an epidural.
  • thought i was going to rip in half.
  • epidural worked, but only on the right side.
  • went from 4cm-10cm in 45 minutes.
  • no time to get the epidural figured out.
  • did a few practice pushes.
  • 20 minutes later bean was here.
  • doctor said he wished they had recorded it. it was a textbook birth.
  • finally got to eat. mcdonalds never tasted so good.
  • nana and papa made it, after getting pulled over for speeding!
  • had a few visitors throughout the day.
  • easy night at the hospital. with the help of my amazing nurses.
  • spent the next morning there.
  • got checked out and asked if we could go home that day.
  • bean and i both got discharged. she was about 30 hours old.
  • nurse said james was the best dad in georgia. he tightened the carseat better than anyone she had seen. then she said "you must not be from georgia!"

  • were greeted at home by a very excited maggs and macy.
  • after maggs got his head unstuck from the rebound bar on the carseat he pulled her blanket off her and drug it across the room. then he really started to sniff and check her out.
  • visited, loved on bean, took pictures.
  • had a long first night. mostly because i was paranoid.
  • second day was good. can't even remember what we did already!
  • second night? much better! i had to wake her for feedings.
  • visit to her doctor today.
  • only lost an ounce since birth.
  • definitely does not have a vandercar head. her head is in the 1.36 percentile. tammy said emma's was in the 90th.
  • papa called her a pin head.
  • she's doing great.
  • cute as can be!
random story - tonight at dinner ma forgot about the biscuits and the smoke alarm went off. the dogs flipped out and our first reaction was to cover eliza's ears. james, ma and i both went to do it and this was how we found her...

she already had it covered. this came right after her random noise that just happened to sound exactly like "hi!"

she's making us laugh already.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

happy birthday bean!

eliza june rockhill

12 september 2009

6 pounds 3 ounces

20 inches

born at 7:11am


Thursday, September 10, 2009

bean's nest.

is complete!

after realizing i accidentally tossed the hardware for the valence in the trash and digging through the nasty can outside. we finally were able to hang it up, and top off the nursery.

the only thing left is i'd like to make the birdcage into a lamp. james still thinks i'm crazy.

here it is though. can't wait to bring her home!

and yes, she better be a she!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


i tried to tell bean that this would make a great birthday. very numerically pleasing. especially for this number crazy mama, but i don't think she cares.

that's okay though. we still have a week until our official due date, and i'm still feeling good. (just don't ask me at night when i become an insomniac.)

it's funny to see people's reactions when they ask how far along i am, or how much longer i have. their eyes get real big! it's usually followed by "but you don't look that big. you should have seen me!" and a head nod from their husband.

i appreciate it, but all i can see is a big ol' belly!

my favorite thing as of late have been pushing on her bottom and making her feet pop out my left side. it never gets old!

can't wait to squeeze that little tush for real.

Friday, September 4, 2009

adventures with maggs and jude.

there is a spot in bean's baby book to put a picture of siblings. underneath that asks how many brothers and sisters there are along with ages. well, below that they have a spot for family pets. so i filled that in and figured instead of having a blank picture spot i'd get one of maggs and jude.

i only had one picture of them together. i love it, but it's a little blurry and features a messy room...

so james and i spent one night trying to get the perfect picture.

there were quite a few outtakes. one would be looking at the camera, while the other flipped out, rolled over, stretched, whatever.

there was one point where james had them both looking and right when he took the picture they both looked into the kitchen at something, and i started cracking up because it looked like he had told them "now look into the distance...into your future!"

at the end of the photoshoot maggs retreated to his cage. james followed with jude for more torture, and this is the best we got.

my dog...hating his life.

i love it.

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