Sunday, November 8, 2009

a new lullaby.

eliza and i were at a women's retreat this weekend.

it was needed. so good for my spirit.

i needed to be surrounded by those women, new friends.

especially yesterday.

it was one year ago that i had that heartbreaking 12 week appointment.

as i sat yesterday reflecting on things it was the weirdest feeling. here i am sad, missing our baby, and i look down and smile as i see eliza asleep on me.

still singing a lullaby, just a different one these days.

what a circle.


Vanessa said...

Beautiful post. You are a strong mama.

Nicolasa said...

You are such a beautiful and strong person. Lovely post.

Dyan said...

That is amazing...God is good!!!

ashley said...

He is faithful. and we are thankful.

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