Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wiggling continued.

found the full length video. on demand wiggling.

i like it even better. james said i'm being mean (not his actual words) because i wouldn't let her roll. notice the little tantrum at the end. (still cute. ask me again when she's 2.)

we all krista and i were having fun!

i love my kid.

Monday, March 29, 2010

don't forget!

there are so many things about eliza that i don't ever want to forget.

the way she used to grunt. all. the. time.
her tiny fingers interlocked in mine.
her funny faces.
the way she lights up when she sees maggs.
her gummy smile. (that will be fading since she broke tooth number 1 and number 2 looks to be coming!)
her giggles.
and especially her wiggles.

this girl LOVES to wiggle.

it started back in february. after a long car ride up to indiana. we took her out, let her stretch on the floor and she started wiggling. uncle elden said she looked like a hula dancer. dad said she looked like a dog scratching his back.

she does it whenever we lay her down to change her diaper, put jammies on, and now when we put her in her crib.

she has this little wiggle, then she rolls over.

when she's crying it looks like she's throwing a tantrum. the thump of her crib mattress and her little limbs flailing always makes me laugh. (sorry kid!)

i've tried to capture it on camera. last night ralf helped so i could get the giggles AND wiggles. here is a short clip.

and from when she first started doing it...

this kid is funny!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

a sing along story.

you might remember when a certain former synchronized swimmer, and bathing suit obsessed (that is still a reality) aunt gave eliza this for Christmas...

a few weeks ago whit and i took the girls to st. louis for a camp friend wedding. (i ended up getting sick with the flu, or maybe it was the enola virus, after the wedding, and missed out on the whole reception!)

before we left i thought "maybe the hotel has a pool!" this adorable bikini is still too big on eliza, so i picked up a cheap (more modest, daddy approved) suit at once upon a child.

unfortunately the pool was not indoors. so eliza never got to model it.

the suit was too cute to go wasted, and she is quickly outgrowing it. the weather was warm the other day so i thought she could have some fun in the yard.

i dumped her toy bucket, filled it up while she napped, let the sun warm that straight from the hose water, and waited for her to wake up.

ralfy is in visiting so we had fun dressing eliza up, getting out a beach towel, water toys, and a blanket for us to sit on.

we took a few pictures of eliza

and her rolls.

then came the big moment. she was about to go "swimming" for the first time! i scooped her up, walked to the bucket and realized it was completely empty!

"there's a hole in my bucket, dear liza, dear liza.
there's a hole in my bucket, dear liza, a hole!"

either way, she had fun playing in a bucket.

and we got some cute pictures!

maybe next time bean.

Monday, March 22, 2010

packing up the pink hoodie.

out of all the things we've packed up of eliza's this one is the hardest for me.

not the bassinet, her receiving blankets, the bouncy chair, infant carseat.

nope...a pink hoodie.

i have no idea why. maybe because i love hoodies? i couldn't wait for it to fit her? i got some of my favorite pictures out of it? she looks so snugly? it's one of the last newborn pieces of clothing left in her closet? she doesn't have one on reserve? it's adorable?

not sure...but i'll sure miss this.

check out those scrawny bird legs.

5 months later...

can't get her to lay straight, but the hoodie is definitely getting too short!
also what happened to my camera? the quality of no flash pics used to be aweosome. just the overcast day? did a setting get changed?

now that she's sitting up she seems more kid-like. playing with toys, grabbing at things.

has anyone seen my little baby?

seems i lost her.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

happy spring!

life is good today.

Friday, March 12, 2010


half a year!

things she likes...
rolling all over the room.
tickling her belly and neck.
watching dogs.
blowing bubbles.
sophie the giraffe.
swinging at the park.
playing with her cousins.
hanging upside down.

first valentine's day this month! also had another trip up to indiana, a drive over to st. louis and up to minnesota. that marked her 13th 5+ hour road trip. she's a good traveler. hoping she stays that way! especially while flying! she attended 2 more weddings. saw lots of family and met some new friends. went to the park for the first time. went on the swings and down the slide with me. she's getting ready to try some new foods. she is very interested in what we eat and drink! the trip to indiana really messed up her sleep habits, but she had a good night last night. hopefully it continues!

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