Monday, March 22, 2010

packing up the pink hoodie.

out of all the things we've packed up of eliza's this one is the hardest for me.

not the bassinet, her receiving blankets, the bouncy chair, infant carseat.

nope...a pink hoodie.

i have no idea why. maybe because i love hoodies? i couldn't wait for it to fit her? i got some of my favorite pictures out of it? she looks so snugly? it's one of the last newborn pieces of clothing left in her closet? she doesn't have one on reserve? it's adorable?

not sure...but i'll sure miss this.

check out those scrawny bird legs.

5 months later...

can't get her to lay straight, but the hoodie is definitely getting too short!
also what happened to my camera? the quality of no flash pics used to be aweosome. just the overcast day? did a setting get changed?

now that she's sitting up she seems more kid-like. playing with toys, grabbing at things.

has anyone seen my little baby?

seems i lost her.


jackie said...

I remember packing up Claire's 0-3 month clothes. I felt like I could have been extremely emotional about it.

Little did I know I would be getting those clothes out 2 more times for little girls. It makes it seem much less emotional at this point! :)

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