Friday, March 12, 2010


half a year!

things she likes...
rolling all over the room.
tickling her belly and neck.
watching dogs.
blowing bubbles.
sophie the giraffe.
swinging at the park.
playing with her cousins.
hanging upside down.

first valentine's day this month! also had another trip up to indiana, a drive over to st. louis and up to minnesota. that marked her 13th 5+ hour road trip. she's a good traveler. hoping she stays that way! especially while flying! she attended 2 more weddings. saw lots of family and met some new friends. went to the park for the first time. went on the swings and down the slide with me. she's getting ready to try some new foods. she is very interested in what we eat and drink! the trip to indiana really messed up her sleep habits, but she had a good night last night. hopefully it continues!


krista/ralf said...

oh man was i going to give you trouble if you didn't update today. :) i can't wait. and i can't hardly stop myself from telling you that ALL THE TIME. you.andever.

jackie said...

What a sweetheart.

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