Saturday, August 24, 2013

oh we painted!

painting rainbows has always been delia's thing.

i love how so many people think of her when they see one, and i love that they share with me. makes me smile to think others are thinking of her. after losing a child you pray that people won't forget about them. because they are a person. even if you didn't get them for very long, they are always yours. always a part of you and your life. they have left their mark.

and that girl of ours makes it known over and over. we are blessed with friends and family that aren't afraid to talk about her. to ask. to share with their kids. yes, it's hard, the questions from kids are tough to answer, but they need to be answered.

death is real. sadly, babies sometime die. that may be scary, but it's true. it's also true that they live! we know that delia lives in a place far better than our home here. yes, it sucks, but it is our life. so we celebrate her memory. the time we did have. if we didn't do that, i don't think i could make it through her birthday. last year we had a housewarming party and celebrated her too. so much love for her shared that day. lanterns, laughs, some special gifts, prayers, tears, smiles.

this year, i knew we had to do something. her birthday fell on a friday, and there are a group of us that get together at random for playdates. so i decided i'd host a messy playdate. then it morphed into a painting rainbow party. our turn with the brushes!

it was a hard week, but her actual birthday? oh it was fun! i needed to act like a kid again. to just go crazy, see smiles every where, paint, and enjoy. thank God for friends and family, but mostly for giving us delia.

thankfully james was off work, so we started our day with balloons from nana and papa. seeing her tree. pink pancakes. then party prep.

the afternoon was one big chaotic mess. not stressful, just fun!

the kids had a blast and eliza sadly asked today "is it still delia's birthday?"

i see this becoming a tradition. james asked what we would do when we were old and haggard. "just paint slower."

this was all for you delia...thanks for inspiring us!

 eliza mixed the pink pancakes.
 delia's willow has grown!

 she had no hesitation letting them fly this year.


 wonder what she is wondering.
 one of my friends painted rainbows on the kid's cheeks before the mess began.
 mini canvas banners with watercolors. also the tie dye station.
 starting point.
 love that splash!
 each kid got a big brush, and then the one pool was filled with all sorts of random things to paint with.

nope. not going to do it!

 the buckets on the fence was the best idea. that way they didn't get tipped, kicked or dumped within seconds.

we separated the bottles everyone brought into colors and just combined them all in the buckets. then i added water to fill them up a bit.

she had waited for this party for so long. kept talking about getting messy. i wasn't sure if she would since she is usually a freak about getting wet or dirty. i think she enjoyed it!
 more face painting!
 the babies had a safe, edible, sensory experience. flour, water and food coloring to make goo.
 by the end they were both covered!
 she could not stop licking!
 most of the crew! this was after the kids hopped in the pool. they were way messier before. next year we'll say "no pool until after a group picture!"
 daddy was in charge of music, and watching. :)
 the water was clear to begin with! that pool was a score at aldi! over half off the regular price!
 i had to paint her hair.
 stopping to dance.

 more tie dye.

 rainbow food. we had fruit skewers too. one of my friends made the rainbow cupcakes floating around pinterest. they were amazing!
 the day after.

 i'll be making something from this. maybe a banner for the playroom. thought about making frames and stretching it. souvenirs for all...maybe next year!
 love from lydia.

 hattie's mark.

 i turned around and she said "is it still delia's birthday?" super bummed it's over.

 this was on the front door. an eliza original.
set out some of delia's memories. and beautiful flowers from my brother and sister-in-law.

been singing this song lately...

"Lord make me a rainbow, i'll shine down on my mother
she'll know i'm safe with you when she stands under my colors, oh,
and life ain't always what you think it ought to be, no
ain't even grey, but she buries her baby"

- if i die young...the band perry.

and delia's song written and sung by a dear friend...

Friday, August 23, 2013


happy 2nd birthday delia!

mama is exhausted from your party. we painted rainbows in your honor!

the joy was everywhere. i needed to be surrounded.

we miss you like crazy. if i could just kiss your chubby cheek one more time...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

seven months of hattie!

oh my. it's hard to believe. 7 months of her!

things she likes...
sitting up.
getting up on her knees and rocking. no! :(
smiling with her whole face.
sleeping on her belly.
her blankets.
eating...or exploring.
water in any form. (splashing and drinking!)
being snuggled.
being worn.
sitting on a blanket outside.
patting your back.
being able to see me...every second of the day that she is awake.

oh hattie. your sister was never a snuggler. was never too attached. i wished and wished that she would. i would bring her in our bed on nights daddy was gone, after she had fallen asleep, and she would perk up and think it was party time. she'd fight us if we tried to rock her to sleep. she needed her space. God laughed and gave me you. oh how much you love me! don't get me wrong, i LOVE your snuggles. sometimes it is a little ridiculous that i cannot leave a room without you throwing a huge fit. even if you are busy playing, or being held by someone else. it's flattering, and annoying! for now, i soak up your snuggles. if i've learned one thing from your sister (who eventually became a better snuggler) it's that these days are fast. so fast. you are already trying to be mobile. you sit up now. you eat food at random. you drink from a sippy if i offer you one. you get yourself to sleep (when you want to!) you play more with eliza. it's all so wonderful, but man...where did the last 7 months go? we of course had another busy one. you stayed with aunt alyssa while mama and daddy went to a wedding on our 5th anniversary. it was the longest we were apart, and we survived! i wasn't too worried about you, more for alyssa, and mostly for me. i am just as attached to you. :)
you have brought so much happiness to us! you are many prayers answered little fawn.

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