Wednesday, August 14, 2013

i knew i held onto them for something.

t-shirts. so many t-shirts that i just can't part with.

i even pull some of james' out of the donate pile because they are just too cool, have too many memories, or are just the perfect softness to get rid of.

my aunt turned one of his favorites into a baby blanket for eliza when we first found out we were pregnant. it was a surprise for him, and we both loved it!

i'm definitely not that crafty, but i'm slowly building a stronger relationship with my sewing machine. i want to get there, for now, it's simple projects.

i had this idea in my head for years, saw it on a blog somewhere when eliza was a baby. after searching pinterest i found some pillowcase dress tutorials, made sure i had the basic idea and got to work while hattie napped.

eliza was busy playing with the scraps making a gown for hattie too. :)

after i was done i called eliza over and said i wanted to see if it fit her. i wasn't able to make it as wide as i wanted, but it still fit. i also wanted to keep the original hem so it's super long on hattie. ah well!

and me in it back in 2005...three girls...three looks.
man i loved that shirt!

i basically just cut two rectangles out of a t-shirt. measured down two inches and over two inches. connected those marks and drew a diagonal line. cut that piece out. folded over and stitched the arm holes, folded the top (with enough room for ribbon) placed the two pieces right sides together and zig zagged up the sides. fed some ribbon through and that was all! (great tutorial huh?!)

cut the gray part in the picture below.

the rectangles were about 12inches wide.


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