Thursday, October 16, 2008

a big thanks to aunt steph!

so as james and i moved in we purged our closet and donated a bunch of clothes and things to goodwill.

he had this t-shirt, and he asked me if i wanted it. it was one of those old, faded t-shirts that is just so hard to part with. i knew he didn't really want to get rid of it, as he reluctantly tossed it on the pile.

so the next day, while james was at work, i snatched it up with an idea in my head. knowing that we were going to start trying for a baby soon, and that my sewing skills aren't up to par yet, i called aunt steph. asked her if i mailed the t-shirt if she would make a quilt for us. i was going to use it to tell james the big news, when it happened.

turns out, we were pregnant a week or so later!

so steph finished it, ma brought it down, and we love it!

cannot wait to wrap our little one in it.

here is a picture from it's glory days.

and here it is, revamped and ready for baby...

it says "it's not just a's a way of life"

thanks aunt steph! we love you.


Anonymous said...

i was honored :)
was james really surprised?

james and michele said...

yea, he couldn't believe i pulled it out of the box! i was like "well i had to do something with it, since you wouldn't, and i didn't want to wear that ol' thing!"

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