Tuesday, October 28, 2008

good shepherd.

last sunday james and i were welcomed at good shepherd lutheran church. we were 2 of 11 people that day to become members. we are so excited to have found such a wonderful church home so quickly!

along with that, and reformation sunday, it was also the farewell service for pastor bob. we will miss him, but everyone is excited for ben to get here! in true lutheran fashion we have tons of potlucks coming surrounding all the happenings. mmmm!

it was a great service. singing luther's hymns, pastor's sermon, a baptism of two older children, and all the new members. lots going on!

pastor bob was a visitor to good shepherd 3 years ago. at the time he was retired. the current pastor was very sick, and the church was struggling. they asked pastor bob if he would help them out. 3 weeks after his first visit, he was in the pulpit! he ended up sticking around, and becoming their pastor through the transition. it was supposed to be a year, but ended up being longer.

good shepherd definitely benefited from having pastor bob there. the church began, and continues to grow.

he made us feel right at home, and we are so thankful for that!


krista/ralf said...

so did you tell them?

james and michele said...

yes, i let pastor know before the service. and right as i was saying "but you don't have to announce it..." he says "great! i'll make an announcement! do you mind?"

so as we stood up there being welcomed, and him giving the history of where we from, etc...he announced it. :)

and we heard from at least 4 people that day that may is the best time to have a baby! either they had theirs then, or they know someone, and there is just "no better time!"

krista/ralf said...

well... personally i think june is a tad bit better.. maybe you'll be a bit overdue? :)

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