Thursday, October 9, 2008

baby booming.

our friend adam recently said "you can tell there is a war going on!"

and it is so true.

before joining the army family i had 1 or 2 friends that had a baby or are pregnant.

on sunday a bunch of us got together for football and grilling.

there were 5 couples. 1 had a 14 month old. 1 had a 2 month old. the other three (including us) are expecting.

by the time we have our baby, james will have only been back in the states for 13 months. we never planned on this. i never wanted to be one of those couples, but well, i guess love just gets in the way, and has a better plan!

two of our friends weren't ever supposed to get pregnant on their own. according to all the doctors. he leaves for 15 months. comes home, and what do you know? they are having their first baby in january!

so i'm not blaming the water we drink over here, i think it's something in the air (points finger and whispers) over there.

but yes adam, you can tell there is a war going on!


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