Sunday, October 19, 2008

ma came to town!

and we did a whole lot of antique shopping, regular shopping, dining, and driving!

the first night she wanted to take james and i out to dinner. we decided to hit up "the oar house" since i had heard great things about it. the food was good (what i could eat) and the atmosphere was even better! here are a few pictures from that night... click on it and read the sign behind ma and me.

the rest of the days were spent at the square, and showing her around on the scenic drives. ma was thrilled because she got to walk on the appalachian trail. there are a lot of entrances to it around here, and james works in the national forest, so he comes across hikers all the time. we showed her around camp too, and all she wanted to see was the px and comissary. ha! not much to see here!

that view of the mountains is just one of the many many reasons why i am in love with our little bit of the country. it's so amazing down here! especially now that the leaves are changing and the mountains look polka dotted.

james had to work again today, so i headed off to church alone. we transferred our membership, and will be welcomed officially in the service next weekend. it is also pastor bob's last sunday. he is headed back to retirement, and pastor ben will be up here next! we are so excited to see him so often again.

i was thinking in church how small the lutheran world is. i know people say that all the time, but i was thinking in particular about my last two churches. in san antonio, our pastor was pastor dan. his mom and sister are long time members at grace in lafayette. our home church. then we come here, and a month later we find out that one of our oldest camp friends will be our new pastor. crazy!

hope you are having a great sunday! i'm off to watch the race, and watch for updates from the bears game.


Jessie said...

You should come to Wisconsin - the Lutheran world is ENORMOUS here!

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