Saturday, March 28, 2015

abner is (was) six months.

half a year. wow.

abner likes...
his hands.
sucking his fingers.
sitting up.
standing up.
his sisters.
sleeping on his tummy.
his woobie.
showers and baths.
clean diapers.
trying to inch around.
i heard that if your parents didn't fill out a baby book for you, it just meant they were enjoying your babyhood more. we'll say the same applies to blog posts. ;) i did finally begin his book. we got little tastes of spring this month. it was nice to get abner outside and discover the world. he wasn't so sure about the wind and the sun though. we fought his second double ear infection. he was a fairly happy sick baby. a few screamy bursts, but not bad. he now sleeps in his crib 75% of the time. it's in our room while my parents finish building their house. (they are staying in the nursery) he goes down for naps and bed time awake, and can get himself to sleep. usually sucking on his fingers, his woobie, or just inching around the crib and talking. he will still randomly fall asleep while playing, or waiting for me to finish up helping his sisters. he continues to prove himself awesome. i told nana that i feel like we should apologize..."sorry world, we have the best baby there ever was and will be." i am sure daddy thinks he could improve in some areas, less girly squeals, more sleeping, but i am just smitten.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

abner is (was) five months.

and i had the collage all ready to go, cut out his 5, and forgot to bring his blanket, when we left for a week, to take his picture!

abner likes...
sleeping on his tummy.
acting like a big kid.
drumming on this tummy.
his woobie. (new name for his lovey. funny story with that!)
shoving his hands in his mouth.
sucking his fingers.
watching his sisters.
clean diapers.
holding on to things.
sitting and standing up.
mama being his paci.
stealing hearts.
abner was born almost a month early, rolling at a week, and i don't think he will be slowing down anytime soon. he now rolls both directions. he gets up on his toes, face smashed on the ground, and inches around. he loves to stand. all that work helps him be a pretty good sleeper. nights could be better, but we're working on it. abner experienced his first snow this month. he wasn't too thrilled, but daddy did help him make a snow angel. we all slept through his first superbowl. he discovered toys. he lost a bunch of hair. he smiled and laughed, and laughed and smiled until our hearts felt like they would burst. we also celebrated the day we were surprised with a positive pregnancy test. one whole year of loving abner! life will never be the same.

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