Saturday, June 25, 2011


i know it's blurry, but that is how life is lately.

can't we just freeze this moment? one happy toddler, and one kicking baby in my belly?

we found out we'll be heading back to the states mid-july. it's going to be a rush to get everything in order, a loooooong trip home, then a rush to get things settled and feel like home again.

i hate having too many plans all lined up until august. i feel like the time is going to go by even faster, and soon delia will be here...and gone.



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

for the birthday boy.

i remember making him an obnoxious overly glittered poster for his 17th birthday. 17 reasons i love my james lee.

10 years later and i think of all the more reasons to add to that list.

mostly for being a great husband and father.

also for loving me like he does.

and for putting up with me. :)

i thought to myself after we found out about delia. i am so thankful it's him by my side. i couldn't do this with anyone else.

God definitely knew what he was doing when he sent us to summer camp for the same two weeks to volunteer.

i cannot thank Him enough for giving me james...and giving me him again after we went our separate ways.

he does so much for his girls and i love and admire that.

i just love him.


Monday, June 13, 2011

big sister.

lately eliza has been super lovey. she just found an interest in dolls. she will carry an armful around, tuck them in, and give more kisses than she gives us!

one day james left work and he kissed me, kissed her and then leaned over, pulled my shirt up and kissed my belly. eliza was watching and ever since, pretty much daily, she will lift my shirt to kiss my belly.

at 21 months she obviously isn't fully aware of what's going on, but if you ask her to give baby sister a kiss she will come over and and kiss her, every single time. one time daddy's belly even got a kiss. (told you, she doesn't fully grasp the concept!)

today we skyped with aunt steph and she spied eliza's american girl bitty baby on the floor. she said "eliza where is your baby?" she made us all smile when she walked right over her doll, came up to me and pulled up my shirt, and started kissing delia.

it was the sweetest thing.

but then she started signing "please" and i think she used her new favorite word "out" and i just laughed. can't help ya there!

of course i had to capture some video of her loving on her baby sister. she will appreciate seeing this some day.

breaks my heart to know she won't have delia by her side every day. i always wanted a sister, and here eliza has one that will only be taken from her way too soon. these moments she won't even remember, but with every sweet thing she does we have one more memory to file away.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the one where i spill.

so i've been thinking and i hate that the only people that know newbean's name is james (who is at work all day) and eliza (who currently is limited in her english vocab)

i want to say her name all day. i want to talk about her to people. i want to say her name instead of "newbean started kicking a lot this week." "baby sister kept me up last night and i spooned james so he could feel it to, but he was sound asleep."

i want other people to say her name. i want to hear it.

i know in the future we won't hear it everyday. there will come a time that she isn't brought up daily. we don't have forever to speak her name to her.

weird to me how everything is flipped upside down. i didn't want to know the sex, we never shared eliza's name and it was fine. i assumed it would be the same this time too, but i guess that all changes when you find out news like we did.

so feel free to say her name. i want to hear it!

one of the main reasons i hate sharing beforehand is because i don't want/need to hear negative opinions, people are so quick to say them before the baby is actually here. once they're born no one will say "you picked THAT name?!"

so if you don't like it...that's fine! we love it. it's different, but it's her.

as you can see, eliza helped. :)

p.s. yes i know it's a store. and also a sad johnny cash song.

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