Saturday, June 25, 2011


i know it's blurry, but that is how life is lately.

can't we just freeze this moment? one happy toddler, and one kicking baby in my belly?

we found out we'll be heading back to the states mid-july. it's going to be a rush to get everything in order, a loooooong trip home, then a rush to get things settled and feel like home again.

i hate having too many plans all lined up until august. i feel like the time is going to go by even faster, and soon delia will be here...and gone.




jackie said...

Praying for your days to be long (in a good way!), joyful, and intentional, my friend.

nancy said...

love the blur.

and you know how i feel about holding on to moments.

squeeze them tightly. get everything you can out of each one : )

love you.
a. nancy

Luke and Tammy said...

To quote Carrie Underwood, "You better make it count, 'cause you can't get it back." Every day is a gift.


Babs said...

Shel, you and your family are beautiful - inside and out.

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