Monday, June 13, 2011

big sister.

lately eliza has been super lovey. she just found an interest in dolls. she will carry an armful around, tuck them in, and give more kisses than she gives us!

one day james left work and he kissed me, kissed her and then leaned over, pulled my shirt up and kissed my belly. eliza was watching and ever since, pretty much daily, she will lift my shirt to kiss my belly.

at 21 months she obviously isn't fully aware of what's going on, but if you ask her to give baby sister a kiss she will come over and and kiss her, every single time. one time daddy's belly even got a kiss. (told you, she doesn't fully grasp the concept!)

today we skyped with aunt steph and she spied eliza's american girl bitty baby on the floor. she said "eliza where is your baby?" she made us all smile when she walked right over her doll, came up to me and pulled up my shirt, and started kissing delia.

it was the sweetest thing.

but then she started signing "please" and i think she used her new favorite word "out" and i just laughed. can't help ya there!

of course i had to capture some video of her loving on her baby sister. she will appreciate seeing this some day.

breaks my heart to know she won't have delia by her side every day. i always wanted a sister, and here eliza has one that will only be taken from her way too soon. these moments she won't even remember, but with every sweet thing she does we have one more memory to file away.


Anonymous said...

Toooo SWEET!
Give eliza and delia kisses and hugs from us too.Love. cheryl.

nancy said...

keep filing. : )

momv said...

oh shel, i am so HAPPY you are coming back:) i love how eliza loves kissing delia........thanking God for answering our prayers the way we wanted them to be answered! i love you, mom <>< +

Vanessa said...

Love this. Eliza is the sweetest and Delia is so lucky to have her.

Emily Cook said...

oh shel... she will remember though, as you keep filing those memories away for her. So sweet, so bitter... and all emotions are more intense when experienced on behalf of our kiddos, no?

May God uphold you, and Eliza too, (all of us) as you let sweet little Delia into your hearts.

krista/ralf said...

thank you for sharing these precious moments with us shel.

J+A Vandercar said...

i love that she was compelled to give her kisses over and over. =0)

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