Monday, August 31, 2009

a bit of indiana...

in bean's room.

this is above the changing table. most of the pics are from our wedding, but some are from dav and whit's because i liked them better.

this way i can point out, and tell bean who each person is.

our friend said they did this every night with their son. they'd say "who loves emmitt?" and go on down the line. :)

i've used these tiny clothespins since my summer at lutherhaven. so glad i hung onto them!

just had to bring a bit of indiana love into the nursery.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

full term!

today marks 37 weeks!

james was off work so we spent the morning...

  • getting georgia license plates. (cheaper, and since we are military we don't have to give up our indiana license)
  • dropping off recycling.
  • and enjoying a bit of dairy queen. finally!

yes, i brought my own krunch. if you know the story you know how big of a deal this is. i dumped way more on there, but this was just the first taste. it was hard to be discreet in dairy queen!

this afternoon i have my weekly appointment. getting anxious to meet miss bean! and still freaking out that she could be a mr. bean. (heard another story about a surprise at birth!) james is still wishing!

happy day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

passing time.

that's pretty much all we've been doing.

just passing time. not a whole lot going on around here.

finding ways to fill our days and nights.

one thing that took up quite a bit of our time was building our church's new website. our church is growing, quite a bit. we are moving towards two services, new groups are forming. we wanted to move keep up technology wise too.

ben had ideas to modernize it, i took some pictures that will be in rotation, told james what i wanted design wise, and james built it from scratch.

i cannot begin to count the hours james put in to this. i'm really proud of him, even if i complained most nights. "website again?" he had to have my approval over every little detail because "you're the creative one, this is you're design, i'm just building."

we're finally ready to release it. there are a few things still missing, but for the most part it's ready to go. it will be constantly updated which is great. newsletters, sermons, announcements, calendar.

we're pretty proud of it!

my favorite quote about it was from celina "it's like we're a grown up church least technology wise." :) we were/are a pretty small church. very cozy, but wow, we are growing!

check it out here.

Friday, August 21, 2009


one year ago today we drove through the night from indiana with many stops for readjusting the mattress and box spring on top of our uhaul. got to georgia around 7:30am. made it to closing on our first home. signed a bunch of papers. bought our first house. got the keys. moved in and took a nap!

happy anniversary house!

can you believe i don't have any pics from closing? this one was a few months later at thanksgiving.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

have you ever snuggled with a bird?

i hadn't until jude. he loves to snuggle, and he'll let you know.

if you ask for lovin' he will put his head down and wait for you to rub his neck. it's the cutest thing. especially when he really gets into it and closes his eyes. then you can see his itty bitty eyelashes.

here's a video from last night. james didn't think he was in the mood to snuggle, but sure enough, he gets him to.

at the end you can see their other trick.

and yes, we call each other "mommy" and "daddy" to maggs and jude. feel free to roll your eyes.

we also discovered that jude gets just as jealous of maggs as maggs does of him. this should be fun come next month when they both have competition like they've never seen!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

natural baby.

last Christmas my sister-in-law tammy decided we should have a homemade Christmas. we were all supposed to make our gifts for each other. tammy was already making a lot of gifts for her three kids, and i was pretty inspired after seeing them. she is one crafty lady! it amazes me that she can figure her way around a sewing machine just by trial and error. you can also save money by using materials you already have around the house.

i've never been one to like most of the toys that are out there for kids. you know the lights, the sounds, all the gizmos. i like simple things. i'm one of those that believe that if your kid never has it, they won't know what they're missing. :) that is until they go to a friend's house, and come back complaining that they want _______. i know i did that a few times in my childhood.

i guess i just want them to explore the world around them. get outside. it's that whole "why can't you register for sticks and rocks on a baby registry?" that ua said that keeps coming back to me.

i also was thinking about some of the wooden toys grandpa had made. nothing like stacking sandwiches and hamburgers.

so i started checking out the natural toys. just to have a few on hand. got to get something in that beautiful toy chest bean's grandpa made.

here are a few of the things we've found or been gifted. just wanted to share, maybe pass on some inspiration.

1. ma found these balls in an antique shop.
2. ma made this plush beach ball. she's not much of a sewer either. i was proud!
3. cherry rattle from nova natural.
4. krista sent the pink bunny. also from nova natural.
5. rattle also courtesy of ma from fat brain toys.
6. rainbow stacker was from krista. another from noval natural.
7. i made this ribbon clutch. i used a link we got from the shower, ribbon i had in my craft room and some of grandma vandercar's old buttons. i heard this type of toy is good for church. no noise, and if you only have it out on sundays it won't get old too fast. i'm planning on making another with a bunch of colorful button strands.

also in the works is an alphabet book made with fabric. aunt steph made a sensory and interactive book for luke when he was little and i can still remember the way the flowers smelled and how the buttons on the shirt felt.

can you tell i'm looking for ways to pass the time until she arrives?

there are a bunch of great websites out there. of course etsy is at the top of the list. you can find a lot of neat things.

one more bigger project i'm hoping we can do is something like this. i'm hoping james can get something together with the tools he has and i can make some toys to hang off of it. (this one is from oompa)

now let's hope bean gets as excited as i do! :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

thirty five.

35 weeks.

35 days to go.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


edit - he lives! he finally shut off, and then turned on awhile later. he has to be plugged in constantly, but he lives!

tragically, 12 hours ago, i lost a dear friend.

a friend who has been there with me for the last five years.

mr. iPod.

i bought him with my last paycheck from my first summer at lakeview.

he died in my sleep last night.

singing to me as he did so many nights.

according to the screen that he is frozen on it happened at 1:34am. (right before starting this post i looked at my phone and it was 1:34pm. on the dot. weird.) 8 minutes before the sleep timer shut him off.

he went out on a great song, a bit ironic for the situation.

7 seconds into playing "Jesus are you real" by mason jennings.

i hope he found his answer.


Monday, August 10, 2009

two erins.

not sure if you remember, but i have a lot of friends giving birth this year (last count was 32)

two of the most recent additions really stuck out to me.

it's funny how very different their stories are.

first we have erin, a friend from high school. her son came so quick they didn't even make it to the hospital. she gave birth to their second son on their stairs! he was also born still in the sac. she had to break it open herself. just go read her story about their little "rocket man."

then we have another erin. she was due july 24th. she just had her baby today. that's over two weeks late! she was supposed to be induced on friday, she started having contractions before they induced and we all thought he was coming then everything just stopped. we started wondering what he was doing in there to pass the time! someone joked that he's a guy, and refuses to ask for directions already. :) she also had a boy, this one was their first.

then i look at my belly, and i start to wonder. "will you come early?" "will you make us wait?" "what will it be like?"

i still have 5 weeks to go. judging by the last few days i'm afraid bean has my sense of direction. it seems she is trying to escape upwards or straight out. it's getting slightly uncomfortable, but entertaining to watch. we joked that she really needs to inherit james' navigational skills. for the sake of all of us!

we are getting anxious. can't wait to finally meet our bean!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

oh yes...

i forgot.

before we went fishing on saturday we took a tour of the maternity ward at our hospital.

we had been there visiting a few times, but never saw the nursery and delivery rooms.

there were no patients there when we visited. it's a small hospital and she said they come in waves.

they recently renovated the place and it's SO nice! i could not get over the rooms. plus it's on the 3rd floor so you have great views of the mountains. i'm sure i'll be worried about the view at that time. :)

standing in the labor and delivery room though, it really hit me. this is happening...and soon!

seems like it might have been that way for james too. he suddenly had a lot of questions!

can't wait to be there, but enjoying our time as just us.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

last weekend.

saturday james took me fishing again. we went down near a bridge by our house. there were a ton of people swimming and hanging out. of course they were right where the prime fishing spot would be. so we walked up the trail and settled in to a place that didn't look too promising, but at least we were alone.

i didn't last too long out there in the heat. i could tell my feet were starting to swell and my legs were aching. we did stay long enough for us each to catch one fish.

james got the first one, a little guy. just a few minutes later mine came. he was a bit bigger, james was surprised because for as long as we were out there we didn't see much.

it was fun, and i look forward to many more fishing trips now that we have our license and gear.

sunday was our first anniversary, and unfortunately we spent most of the day apart. james had to go in to work at 9 for a briefing. he thought he might be done in time to meet me at church.

that didn't happen, and then i got a voicemail that he ended up having to work the full day. bummer.

so after church, and picking up our beautiful altar flowers, (2 of the 4 were what my bouquet was made of, didn't even request that!) i ran over to target. for some reason all day i was aware of the speed limit and made sure i wasn't going too fast. i went home a different way than normal and of course it's a road that is easy to speed on. i thought i had gotten into the 55mph zone, but apparently i was still in the 45, and yep, i get pulled over.

already bummed out that james is working and now this. i kept it together, until he handed me the ticket with my court date. september 21st. i asked what happens if i couldn't make it, explained that i am due on the 16th and he told me the number to call. i then thanked him for a great first anniversary present. my husband will love it, it's paper after all!

he did not find it amusing and just walked away.

i waited until he was back in his car before i lost it. i refuse to be cry in front of cops. i was just so afraid james was going to be upset.

he didn't say anything when we walked in the door. just put his arm around me. then later said "i speed on that road too. don't worry about it. just slow down."

that's why i love him!

we decided to head out to a late dinner in town and fill my mexican craving. it was so good!

came home and i actually got him to take a bite of cake.

my friend was just telling me about a couple who saved theirs all year in their tiny apartment freezer. when they cut into it they realized it was styrofoam!

i'm sure james wishes that happened to us! i didn't think it was too bad.

in keeping with the traditional 1st anniversary gifts, i gave him a popular mechanics magazine (for the traditional paper) i told him it would save him the hassle at the hospital, and save us an arguement later. (some of you will understand that) and he got crafty with the mod podge (which he now hates) and made me a clock (the modern gift) for our bedroom. the face of it has one of our pictures from millenium park on it.

all in all the day ended up much better then it began.

thanks for all the wishes!


Sunday, August 2, 2009


happy first anniversary my james lee!


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