Wednesday, August 5, 2009

last weekend.

saturday james took me fishing again. we went down near a bridge by our house. there were a ton of people swimming and hanging out. of course they were right where the prime fishing spot would be. so we walked up the trail and settled in to a place that didn't look too promising, but at least we were alone.

i didn't last too long out there in the heat. i could tell my feet were starting to swell and my legs were aching. we did stay long enough for us each to catch one fish.

james got the first one, a little guy. just a few minutes later mine came. he was a bit bigger, james was surprised because for as long as we were out there we didn't see much.

it was fun, and i look forward to many more fishing trips now that we have our license and gear.

sunday was our first anniversary, and unfortunately we spent most of the day apart. james had to go in to work at 9 for a briefing. he thought he might be done in time to meet me at church.

that didn't happen, and then i got a voicemail that he ended up having to work the full day. bummer.

so after church, and picking up our beautiful altar flowers, (2 of the 4 were what my bouquet was made of, didn't even request that!) i ran over to target. for some reason all day i was aware of the speed limit and made sure i wasn't going too fast. i went home a different way than normal and of course it's a road that is easy to speed on. i thought i had gotten into the 55mph zone, but apparently i was still in the 45, and yep, i get pulled over.

already bummed out that james is working and now this. i kept it together, until he handed me the ticket with my court date. september 21st. i asked what happens if i couldn't make it, explained that i am due on the 16th and he told me the number to call. i then thanked him for a great first anniversary present. my husband will love it, it's paper after all!

he did not find it amusing and just walked away.

i waited until he was back in his car before i lost it. i refuse to be cry in front of cops. i was just so afraid james was going to be upset.

he didn't say anything when we walked in the door. just put his arm around me. then later said "i speed on that road too. don't worry about it. just slow down."

that's why i love him!

we decided to head out to a late dinner in town and fill my mexican craving. it was so good!

came home and i actually got him to take a bite of cake.

my friend was just telling me about a couple who saved theirs all year in their tiny apartment freezer. when they cut into it they realized it was styrofoam!

i'm sure james wishes that happened to us! i didn't think it was too bad.

in keeping with the traditional 1st anniversary gifts, i gave him a popular mechanics magazine (for the traditional paper) i told him it would save him the hassle at the hospital, and save us an arguement later. (some of you will understand that) and he got crafty with the mod podge (which he now hates) and made me a clock (the modern gift) for our bedroom. the face of it has one of our pictures from millenium park on it.

all in all the day ended up much better then it began.

thanks for all the wishes!



ashley said...

joseph bought me a pink fishing pole for Christmas one year, I love it!!!

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