Monday, August 10, 2009

two erins.

not sure if you remember, but i have a lot of friends giving birth this year (last count was 32)

two of the most recent additions really stuck out to me.

it's funny how very different their stories are.

first we have erin, a friend from high school. her son came so quick they didn't even make it to the hospital. she gave birth to their second son on their stairs! he was also born still in the sac. she had to break it open herself. just go read her story about their little "rocket man."

then we have another erin. she was due july 24th. she just had her baby today. that's over two weeks late! she was supposed to be induced on friday, she started having contractions before they induced and we all thought he was coming then everything just stopped. we started wondering what he was doing in there to pass the time! someone joked that he's a guy, and refuses to ask for directions already. :) she also had a boy, this one was their first.

then i look at my belly, and i start to wonder. "will you come early?" "will you make us wait?" "what will it be like?"

i still have 5 weeks to go. judging by the last few days i'm afraid bean has my sense of direction. it seems she is trying to escape upwards or straight out. it's getting slightly uncomfortable, but entertaining to watch. we joked that she really needs to inherit james' navigational skills. for the sake of all of us!

we are getting anxious. can't wait to finally meet our bean!


Erin said...

I am so excited that you are so close to meeting your bean! There are no words to describe the feeling!

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