Wednesday, August 26, 2009

full term!

today marks 37 weeks!

james was off work so we spent the morning...

  • getting georgia license plates. (cheaper, and since we are military we don't have to give up our indiana license)
  • dropping off recycling.
  • and enjoying a bit of dairy queen. finally!

yes, i brought my own krunch. if you know the story you know how big of a deal this is. i dumped way more on there, but this was just the first taste. it was hard to be discreet in dairy queen!

this afternoon i have my weekly appointment. getting anxious to meet miss bean! and still freaking out that she could be a mr. bean. (heard another story about a surprise at birth!) james is still wishing!

happy day!


momv said...

yea! looks like james got another banana split:) you look amazingingly good! that a word???
i love you
mom <>< +

Ingrid said...

dear shel, your boobs look ginormous. lucky james. :) can't wait to meet miss bean and schwenk her!


shel said...

dear ingrid,
i love you.
and i told james that pic was ridiculous and i needed to fix my shirt.
he didn't care.
i fear what's to come once she's here.

tristan said...

you look absolutely wonderful. :)

vande2 said...

Be afraid. Be very afraid. James will rejoice. :)

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