Tuesday, September 30, 2008

good guys.

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alone time.

james has been gone all week. they have a cycle in, and their schedule is crazy. i don't mind too much, except when i'm going to bed. (i get freaked out at night) it has given me the chance to watch all my favorite teams, thankfully they were broadcast down here, interruption free.

well, on my way to church on sunday it hit me. i was enjoying my solo car ride, listening to my music, and getting lost in my thoughts. then i was like, "wait. i'm not alone. there is a baby here." i know, i know, of course there is a baby, what a big realization huh? it was just strange to think that i will never really be alone again, for a long time. i cannot get away from the baby! it's not like it is even annoying me yet, but it was just a weird feeling.

besides being semi-alone, life is going good. i miss james, but hopefully he will be home before our doctor's appointment. you think i would be better at being apart by now, but i guess i got spoiled after having him here.

it has given me a chance to catch up with friends. speaking of, pray for our friend's son, emmitt. paige had to take him to the er last night. they found out he has bell's palsy. they caught it early enough that it should clear up in the next two or three months, but he was getting an mri today. scary for such a little guy. (he just turned 2) so say a pray if you think of it. they'd appreciate it.

hope everything is going well with all of you...wherever you are. i'll leave you with a picture of the fall mums in our yard...

happy fall!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


sidenote- check out the new links on the right.
there is a little baby update page.
it will usually be updated on sundays if you are interested.

here in the south lutheran churches are few and far between. before we moved here we looked up where the closest one was. turns out it's about 35-40min from us. we hoped it was going to be a good fit for us, and we went for the first time at the end of august.

we could not have asked for a more welcoming church. they only have one service, about 100 people average attendance, and i think almost every single person came up and introduced themselves. i was invited to join the church choir, they invited us to the church picnic the next sunday, all on our initial visit!

shortly after we discovered this place, before we even visited, we heard that our friend ben was considering a call to a church in georgia. turns out, it was the same church we were considering!

ben was a counselor at camp lutherhaven, once upon a time. i remember meeting him at work weekend, and later that summer, james got the chance to be in his cabin. (this was way before james and i knew each other)

ben had the biggest influence on james' life. he was such a positive role model!

they kept in touch over the years, and we would see him at lutherhaven every once in awhile. it's been a long time since we have seen each other. james and ben have kept in contact through e-mail and phone, off and on. pretty amazing when you consider how long it's been, and how many campers come in and out of a counselor's life.

fast forward to last sunday. we were happy to hear our head elder read an e-mail from ben. he has accepted the call to our church! we might have known this already due to a phone call the night before ;) we are so excited to see him again, meet his wife, and their son.

God's plans never cease to amaze me!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

crappy saturday.

a week ago we went to the north georgia state fair with our friends adam and erica.

background on them - they just moved here from bragg too. james was in afghanistan with adam, and i first met them at the ball. they ended up getting a house just down the street from us. so we walk over there for campfires, dinner, races (he's a tony stewart fan), games, baseball talk (twins fans. yuck.) or whatever. they are expecting their first baby in january, so it has been nice to have someone to chat with.

they picked us up, and we realized we had to get gas before we could go anywhere. if you have seen the news at all, you know that can be tricky to do in georgia. three places we were going to go to were all sold out, but we finally found a place with some.

the fair wasn't as great as we expected. we thought being a state fair, it would be a lot bigger than it was. i felt like i was at the lake county fair.

we each got our fix of food, and we left early.

we decided to catch a movie on our way home. turns out at the one theater, we would have to wait an hour and half for the movie, so we continued on. found it playing at another theater closer to home. we were all pretty excited to see it, 'burn after reading' but we all left shaking our heads. just not what we expected.

all in all it was a crappy saturday, but at least we were in good company!

Friday, September 26, 2008


so i left james for the weekend to meet my brothers (the boys) my dad, and my cousin aaron in pittsburgh. our goal was to see the pirates friday night, the phillies saturday, and the white sox vs. yankees on monday.

as much as we dislike the yankees, we wanted to see the stadium before they moved over to their new home.

i flew into pittsburgh, and it had been raining all day. we figured the game would be postponed, so we drove on to exton, pa. we stayed the night at whit's parent's house. enjoyed some yuengling, and good company.

turns out the pittsburgh game was the only one that actually was played that day. ah well!

so saturday we headed to philly. met up with dad's cousin bill. he took us around philly, saw some sites, ate some cheesesteaks, and got ready for the game.

bill's brother steve met us at the park, and so did ua aka 'the gimp.' that came in handy for us a few times though!

enjoyed the game, saw the phillies beat the brewers 7-3.

we stayed at luke and tammy's old (as in former) pastor's house in philly the next few nights. since we missed the pittsburgh game, we decided to make it up and drive up to baltimore after church. they were playing the twins, and since they are in a race with the sox, we thought we'd go cheer on baltimore. we didn't have any tickets, but as we walked up to camden yards this guy handed us five free tickets! they were good seats too. this was definitely our favorite park out of the three!

we saw 5 home runs by the orioles that day, and saw the twins lose 3-7.

we hoped it wasn't going to be a trend, the home team winning, as we headed in to new york city.

that was an adventure with a bunch of indiana boys!

we had time to spare, so we took the ferry over to see the statue of liberty. we couldn't go up in it, but it was cool to see up close. the only other time i saw her was looking out from battery park in the winter time.

then it was on to the game. the white sox lost, but we saw an awesome moon, buehrle pitch, and i got the pleasure of seeing derek jeter strike out, over and over.

all in all, it was a great trip! checked three parks off my list, and got to spend time with the guys!

Monday, September 22, 2008


new sets here.

bachelorette party. wedding. honeymoon. the guys. georgia life.

more soon!

locks of love.

i donated my hair for the second time.

the first was december 2006. i donated 12 inches that time. i haven't had a haircut since, not even a trim, and they got 10 inches.

i love it...we'll see what james thinks!

Friday, September 19, 2008


hokay so, about a week or two ago james and i both had a feeling i was pregnant. we could just tell. i can't really explain it, but we both just knew. i could feel changes, and i guess james could notice them, but being the great husband, he won't admit what they were! ha.

so i leave for new york (more on that coming up) and expected to have it confirmed while i was there. (follow me?) i almost called james and had him pick up a pregnancy test, but i figured we'd wait a few more days.

well he surprised me at the train station, i thought i was going to ride it myself. then when i got home i found he had painted our bedroom, so i wouldn't have to ingest any more fumes. then i went into the bathroom and he said "wait, i have something for you!"

yes, he had a two pack waiting for me. before i took it i was like "are you sure? you really want me to take this, because once i do, it's like we are really pregnant?!" he said "do you want to go have a beer first?!" ha!

so anyways, i did, pee, not have a beer. and there they were two pink lines. i took another a few hours later, and that made 4.

i really didn't think it was going to happen this fast. i told everyone we weren't really trying, but we weren't really preventing. what happens, happens...and it happened.

james is excited, it's what he wanted. i am too, but i think i am a bit more freaked out!

so here are a few pictures...

us, right after it was confirmed. me in shock. 4 pink lines. and my gut before this all begins. keep in mind i had just eaten ballpark food all weekend long! :) and the vomit green that i am standing in front of will be the nursery. we are adding wainscoting to the bottom half. james surprised me with that while i was gone too!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

two pink lines...

yep. we saw them.


more later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

living in paint land.

that's what we have been doing.

we got the living room, kitchen, and one of the spare bedrooms done.

my favorite quote from paintland came from james...

"is there a reason you like vomit colors?"

well, yes, but i won't get into it here.

maggs was interested in what we were doing yesterday, and happened to get a few paint spots on his back from getting to close to the wall.

after we were finished i decided to take a shower. i was sitting in there and heard the smoke alarms blaring. maggs absolutely hates high pitched noises. i have no idea why, but he flips out. he shakes uncontrollably, and tries to hide in places he doesn't fit.

well i was sitting there, and all of a sudden maggs starts pawing at the curtain. you should know that he also hates water. so i was wondering what the heck he was doing. i peeked out and he has his front paws up on the bath, he is sitting in our towel basket, shaking, crying, and trying as hard as he can to get in the shower with me!

i laughed, called him a freak, and told him if he really wanted in he was going to get a bath. he decided water was better that the alarms, and he jumped right in.

i don't think he was too happy once he was in there, but he got all the paint splotches washed off.

what a crazy dog! always keeps us laughing, or at least shaking our heads.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

by request.

go here to see pictures of our home.

and please keep in mind that it is a work in progress!


i got a flickr e-mail from this girl awhile ago asking if they could use one of my photos for a map of san antonio.

of course they could!

it is from one of my favorite places down there, gruene (pronounced green) hall.

that whole town is so wonderful! it was a nice escape from the busy, loud, day to day san antonio. it was like you stepped back in time. i'll never forget when adrienne first took me and i stepped out of the car. my ears couldn't believe how quiet it was! hadn't experienced that in quite some time after living in indy the previous year.

i'd love to go back for a shiner and the gristmill burger, and of course i'd be there with all the great texas friends i met!

check it out here...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

and we are back in the interwebs.

we have internet!

and a new home phone number. which i would much rather answer than a cell phone. so if you would like to know it, just ask!

more later.

and happy 1 month since the wedding!

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