Saturday, September 27, 2008

crappy saturday.

a week ago we went to the north georgia state fair with our friends adam and erica.

background on them - they just moved here from bragg too. james was in afghanistan with adam, and i first met them at the ball. they ended up getting a house just down the street from us. so we walk over there for campfires, dinner, races (he's a tony stewart fan), games, baseball talk (twins fans. yuck.) or whatever. they are expecting their first baby in january, so it has been nice to have someone to chat with.

they picked us up, and we realized we had to get gas before we could go anywhere. if you have seen the news at all, you know that can be tricky to do in georgia. three places we were going to go to were all sold out, but we finally found a place with some.

the fair wasn't as great as we expected. we thought being a state fair, it would be a lot bigger than it was. i felt like i was at the lake county fair.

we each got our fix of food, and we left early.

we decided to catch a movie on our way home. turns out at the one theater, we would have to wait an hour and half for the movie, so we continued on. found it playing at another theater closer to home. we were all pretty excited to see it, 'burn after reading' but we all left shaking our heads. just not what we expected.

all in all it was a crappy saturday, but at least we were in good company!


krista/ralf said...

really? because so far all i heard was that it was worth the money to go see it and they were still laughing hours later. you are my first negative comment i've heard.. and i've heard about 20. interesting.

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