Tuesday, September 30, 2008

alone time.

james has been gone all week. they have a cycle in, and their schedule is crazy. i don't mind too much, except when i'm going to bed. (i get freaked out at night) it has given me the chance to watch all my favorite teams, thankfully they were broadcast down here, interruption free.

well, on my way to church on sunday it hit me. i was enjoying my solo car ride, listening to my music, and getting lost in my thoughts. then i was like, "wait. i'm not alone. there is a baby here." i know, i know, of course there is a baby, what a big realization huh? it was just strange to think that i will never really be alone again, for a long time. i cannot get away from the baby! it's not like it is even annoying me yet, but it was just a weird feeling.

besides being semi-alone, life is going good. i miss james, but hopefully he will be home before our doctor's appointment. you think i would be better at being apart by now, but i guess i got spoiled after having him here.

it has given me a chance to catch up with friends. speaking of, pray for our friend's son, emmitt. paige had to take him to the er last night. they found out he has bell's palsy. they caught it early enough that it should clear up in the next two or three months, but he was getting an mri today. scary for such a little guy. (he just turned 2) so say a pray if you think of it. they'd appreciate it.

hope everything is going well with all of you...wherever you are. i'll leave you with a picture of the fall mums in our yard...

happy fall!


krista/ralf said...

my momma has bells' palsy too. will be praying for the little man. have fun in your... semi-aloneness.

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