Friday, September 26, 2008


so i left james for the weekend to meet my brothers (the boys) my dad, and my cousin aaron in pittsburgh. our goal was to see the pirates friday night, the phillies saturday, and the white sox vs. yankees on monday.

as much as we dislike the yankees, we wanted to see the stadium before they moved over to their new home.

i flew into pittsburgh, and it had been raining all day. we figured the game would be postponed, so we drove on to exton, pa. we stayed the night at whit's parent's house. enjoyed some yuengling, and good company.

turns out the pittsburgh game was the only one that actually was played that day. ah well!

so saturday we headed to philly. met up with dad's cousin bill. he took us around philly, saw some sites, ate some cheesesteaks, and got ready for the game.

bill's brother steve met us at the park, and so did ua aka 'the gimp.' that came in handy for us a few times though!

enjoyed the game, saw the phillies beat the brewers 7-3.

we stayed at luke and tammy's old (as in former) pastor's house in philly the next few nights. since we missed the pittsburgh game, we decided to make it up and drive up to baltimore after church. they were playing the twins, and since they are in a race with the sox, we thought we'd go cheer on baltimore. we didn't have any tickets, but as we walked up to camden yards this guy handed us five free tickets! they were good seats too. this was definitely our favorite park out of the three!

we saw 5 home runs by the orioles that day, and saw the twins lose 3-7.

we hoped it wasn't going to be a trend, the home team winning, as we headed in to new york city.

that was an adventure with a bunch of indiana boys!

we had time to spare, so we took the ferry over to see the statue of liberty. we couldn't go up in it, but it was cool to see up close. the only other time i saw her was looking out from battery park in the winter time.

then it was on to the game. the white sox lost, but we saw an awesome moon, buehrle pitch, and i got the pleasure of seeing derek jeter strike out, over and over.

all in all, it was a great trip! checked three parks off my list, and got to spend time with the guys!


laura katherine said...

pittsburgh! i think that the pittsburgh airport is my favorite . . . it is not too busy, and its like a mall inside, so there is always something to look at when your flight is delayed for four hours . . .oh good times at the pittsburgh airport. love.

james and michele said...

and they have free wi-fi. i was very excited! :)

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