Sunday, September 28, 2008


sidenote- check out the new links on the right.
there is a little baby update page.
it will usually be updated on sundays if you are interested.

here in the south lutheran churches are few and far between. before we moved here we looked up where the closest one was. turns out it's about 35-40min from us. we hoped it was going to be a good fit for us, and we went for the first time at the end of august.

we could not have asked for a more welcoming church. they only have one service, about 100 people average attendance, and i think almost every single person came up and introduced themselves. i was invited to join the church choir, they invited us to the church picnic the next sunday, all on our initial visit!

shortly after we discovered this place, before we even visited, we heard that our friend ben was considering a call to a church in georgia. turns out, it was the same church we were considering!

ben was a counselor at camp lutherhaven, once upon a time. i remember meeting him at work weekend, and later that summer, james got the chance to be in his cabin. (this was way before james and i knew each other)

ben had the biggest influence on james' life. he was such a positive role model!

they kept in touch over the years, and we would see him at lutherhaven every once in awhile. it's been a long time since we have seen each other. james and ben have kept in contact through e-mail and phone, off and on. pretty amazing when you consider how long it's been, and how many campers come in and out of a counselor's life.

fast forward to last sunday. we were happy to hear our head elder read an e-mail from ben. he has accepted the call to our church! we might have known this already due to a phone call the night before ;) we are so excited to see him again, meet his wife, and their son.

God's plans never cease to amaze me!


nancy said...

ok blogger queen,
is the googlepages link...thru blogspot or something else?

i've looked for a "separate topic" page (a way to split a blog page) for awhile and you seem to have figured it out.
explain how please!
oh and i like the baby update idea!

james and michele said...

not through blogger.

google had a service called "pages" i heard they are switching over and making changes to googlesites, or something like that.

if you have a google account you can just type in page in the search bar, and a link for page creator comes up.

it's a real easy way to make a site. i'm just not sure if it's still available.

let me know if that doesn't make sense and i'll try and explain better. i am just on a high from the bear's win! :)

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